Tuesday was a busy day inside the Big Brother 23 house for one of this week’s nominees as they tried to rally votes. If you missed any of the talks between the Big Brother 2021 houseguests on Tuesday, keep reading my live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day off with a conversation between Sarah Beth and Xavier where SB tells him that she thinks the vote will be 6-1 this week. Xavier tells her that he was planning to do his one-on-ones with Claire and Derek X because he is going into solitary on Wednesday. He thinks that this week’s HOH is going to be some kind of luck comp since the backyard is still open. Talks then turn to the High Roller’s Room and Xavier says that he really hopes that Hannah gets 100 BB Bucks this week so that she can play in the roulette. They think that Derek F is the only one with enough to play.

Tiffany camtalked a bit about how she was going to wait a little longer but she wants to campaign to some of the HGs about why DX should stay this week. Meanwhile, Kyland is telling Xavier how Tiffany approached him with the idea of keeping DX and told him that she wanted to talk to him later about it.

DF and Xavier talked about the reasons they think Tiffany wants to keep DX in the house. Xavier tells DF that there are only two people in the house that haven’t hit the block yet (Azah & Tiffany). One of them is willing to hit the block and is waiting for someone to approach her about being a pawn (Azah) but the other is adamant about not hitting the block (Tiffany). The only way to ensure that she doesn’t hit the block is by keeping the biggest target in the house (DX).

Tiffany told Kyland that she wasn’t expecting people to be mad about her wanting to throw DX a vote. He tells her that he just feels like since he orchestrated this whole thing, he deserves to have this vote. Kyland also thinks that it isn’t fair to Hannah that she has to keep explaining to people why DX has to go this week (because Tiffany has been talking about wanting him to stay) since that’s her person. This annoys Tiffany a bit.

DF and Xavier walk into the kitchen where Kyland and Tiffany are talking and started talking, but Tiffany walks away. They thought it was because she was upset, but she just went to the storage room. She comes back and Xavier tells them that he would really like to talk to the Cookout before he goes into solitary to make sure they are all on the same page. DF tells them that he would vote DX out because he knows he can’t beat him.

Tiffany says that she doesn’t really have anything else to say about the matter because she doesn’t want to be viewed as the troublemaker or the emotional player. She says that she isn’t in a position to call any shots since she hasn’t won anything all season. Kyland and DF leave the kitchen giving Xavier a chance to talk to her.

Xavier asked if Kyland annoyed her and she tells him a little bit. She tells Xavier that she has been prepared to let Claire go for two weeks now. She says that SB putting DX on the block proves that he isn’t as untouchable as everyone thought he was. She is just worried that they might be making a mistake by voting out the wrong person. She adds that Claire snapped at her twice after the Veto Comp and she doesn’t even know where Clarie’s thoughts are at right now and Xavier agrees that is a little unsettling.

After her conversation with Xavier, she goes to DX and tells him that he has to go to Kyland and Xavier and tell them that he knows they are close with SB and Alyssa, but sooner or later they are going to have to take shots at them. Simply ask who is going to take those shots for them since the four of them are the only ones with comp wins after DX leaves.

Tiffany camtalks a bit more and says that she promised that she wouldn’t campaign to Xavier and Kyland about keeping DX, but she didn’t say she wouldn’t help him make better arguments to them himself.

Alyssa talked to DX a bit and cleared the air about some things. In this conversation, DX tells her that he regrets putting his trust in the wrong people and allowing them to push him to take the shot against Christian. DX tells Alyssa that SB told him several times this week that he wasn’t an option for her and Kyland promised him that he wouldn’t be going up, but here he is. He says that he thinks that SB just saw an opportunity and took it. DX then asks Alyssa if she thinks that SB will see the same opportunity next week with Xavier being the third nominee? She doesn’t think so because she thinks that SB trusts Xavier.

Kyland tells Claire that the vote should be 6-1 or 5-2 with Claire staying. Claire then goes to Hannah and asks her how she is feeling about this week. Hannah tells her that she is in a weird spot and she has no idea what to think about this vote.

DX talks to Azah and tells her that if he stays and wins the anonymous HOH, he is going to put Kyland and SB up. DX tells her that he knows that he can’t win this game, but he wants to help her, Tiffany, Hannah, and Claire go further in the game. DX says that he feels stupid for not playing the roulette wheel after America gave him all these BB Bucks. Azah tells him that she has a lot to think about and tells him to wait until Wednesday to talk to DF. She tells him that she will talk to him about keeping DX beforehand. After DX leaves the room, Azah tells the cameras that she was so set on DX leaving, but now she doesn’t know.

Claire talked to Xavier and she tries to pitch that they work together. Xavier asks if she can see herself working with Alyssa also and she says that she thinks that she and Alyssa can work together. Xavier does tell her that he is leaning towards voting DX out this week.

DF goes to talk to SB about DX and says that he can’t believe that DX would be trying to get his vote after trying to flip the vote on him last week.

DX has an opportunity to talk to Xavier and gave him some great points as to why he is better to keep with Xavier being a third nominee. He mentions that with him being the third nom, he only needs two votes to tie and DX has enough BB Bucks play in the coin of destiny. He says that if he wins that, he will make sure that Alyssa and Hannah aren’t on the block so that he has at least those two votes and then he would break the tie himself, keeping Xavier in the house.

Tiffany told Hannah that she trusts DX more than she trusts Claire at this point and that he is more gullible than Claire is. Tiffany adds that Claire is starting to pick up on things where DX can be manipulated easier. Hannah worries that if Claire figures out the Cookout that she could bring SB and Alyssa in. Hannah asks Tiffany if Azah votes to keep DX, where would the fourth vote come from. Tiffany says that she thinks that DF or Kyland can be swayed.

Xavier talked to Azah later and asked her what she thought about this vote. She tells him that for her personal game, DX is better to keep in the house. She is worried that if DX is gone, Hannah and Tiffany will be vulnerable. Xavier wonders how that’s so since Claire can’t win comps and that’s what they want, is for no one to be able to win comps but them. Azah also mentions that DX could take out Alyssa and SB so that he and Kyland don’t ruin their jury management. Xavier asks if she is doubting the women of the Cookout’s potential to win comps and she tells him that they are struggling in that.

Azah asks Xavier what happens if Alyssa wins HOH and Claire wins the Veto next week and Claire is on the block next to Azah, Xavier has no answer for her. She says that she isn’t looking at this in a selfish standpoint at all, she just wants to make sure that they make the right choice so that they can all make it to F6. Xavier tells Azah that DX has made too many promises and he is going to have to break some of those if he stays.

DX talks to DF and makes his pitch. After DX leaves, DF tells Kyland and Xavier that DX has to go this week and they tell him it’s all lined up to happen. DX then goes to Hannah and tells her that he thinks that DF is too scared to vote to keep him because he is worried about Kyland, SB, Alyssa, and Xavier. After their talk, Hannah goes to DF and reiterates that DX has to go this week.

Before heading to bed, DX tries to talk to Kyland but Kyland won’t commit to giving DX his vote. Kyland did admit to DX that he doesn’t fully trust Xavier and Alyssa, but them working with SB is good for them (K&SB).

It looks like Derek X is still set to go to the jury house tomorrow night, but he still has one more day to sway some votes in his favor. Make sure you check back tomorrow to see how this day of campaigning goes for DX.

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