It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 23 and this week’s nominees spent the day talking to their fellow houseguests about why they should be the ones to stay. Derek X, who is this week’s target, had some people in the house seriously considering keeping him this week on Big Brother 2021. Was it enough? Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feed right here to find out!

We started the day off with a conversation between Xavier and Alyssa who were talking about who they should take out first when they get to F4. Alyssa tells X that she thinks that they should take out Sarah Beth first since they are probably better off sitting next to Kyland in F2.

Tiffany and Claire talked about how DX leaving this week will increase their chances of winning things. Tiffany tells Claire that they don’t win HOH next week, they will likely be sitting next to each other on the block. They both wish they had enough BB Bucks to play in the Coin of Destiny, but neither will have enough even if America puts them in the top three.

X tells Derek F that next week they (the Cookout) have to put Tiffany and Claire up together if they win HOH. That way, if DF wins the Coin of Destiny next week and changes the noms, everyone will think it was either Tiffany or Claire that did it. X asks DF who he would want to win the Coin of Destiny if he (DF) doesn’t and he tells X that he would like to see Azah win it since she would put SB up too.

DX and Kyland spent a lot of time talking in the Have-Not room yesterday morning. DX tells Kyland that he told Alyssa and X that he planned to backdoor Christian from the start of his HOH. He didn’t however tell them that Ky and SB knew anything about it. Kyland tells him that he appreciates that.

They talked a lot about reasons why DX should stay over Claire this week and one of the things that DX brought up was if Ky and SB ended up on the block next week with X as the third nominee. He brought up that with DX in the house they will have a greater chance of one of them winning the Veto so only one of them would be on the block come Thursday. He says that even if he was still on the block, you only need two votes to tie and if DX is the HOH, he would break that tie in Kyland’s favor and keep him in the house.

Kyland says that he is making great arguments, but they need to make sure that SB feels safe and that could rely on her talking to Hannah. If DX stays, SB would be worried that Hannah would go after her for taking out her person. DX mentions that they can “accidentally” flip the vote by telling SB that Ky was planning to throw a sympathy vote if he had no one voting for him and that he told everyone not to tell Ky that they were voting to keep him. Ky says that would make it sound like DX orchestrated the whole thing and leaves Ky looking like he had no idea. Ky says that could work.

DX asks Ky if he wins secret HOH, who could he put up to make it look like it isn’t him and Kyland tells him that Hannah would have to be on the block.

After his conversation with DX, Ky goes to talk to SB about how DX told him that DF will 100% put SB and Ky on the block if he won the secret HOH. She says that DF told her that he was telling people that he would target Ky, but not her. Ky says that’s a little worrisome to him and that he would prefer that he was telling people he would target both of them. SB tells Ky that she will talk to DF again and try and ask him if he is lying to her or if everyone else is.

Ky tells SB that if she thinks it’s too risky, he won’t throw DX a sympathy vote, but if she thinks that the vote will be 7-0 or 6-1 he would like to. Ky tells SB that DX mentioned not feeling like he has anyone’s vote right now, including Hannah.

SB asks Ky what he thinks about them forming a F3 with DF and then having X and Alyssa do the same so that if DF does decide to blow up their game, they have something against him. Ky wonders to SB if DX would be a better number for them since he has won comps before, he would actually be able to protect them. SB tells Ky that if they keep DX around, he will likely target her, but Ky tells her that he thinks there is a scenario where the three of them could actually work together.

Ky says that getting rid of DX only shields Alyssa and X if none of them win HOH because SB and Ky will still end up on the block. He says that if DX stays and wins HOH, they will be better off. Kyland thinks that DX would be a stronger ally for them than DF and brings up the scenario if they are sitting next to X next week.

DX tells Hannah that if she talks to Ky today, he can’t know that Hannah knows Ky would throw a sympathy vote. She asks him if his new plan is to try and flip Ky and he tells her that he thinks he has a pretty good chance. He tells Hannah that as long as SB thinks that they are controlling the vote, that she will tell Ky that he can throw DX a sympathy vote.

Meanwhile, Alyssa is telling Claire that she has her vote to stay. After her conversation with Claire, Alyssa goes to talk to Azah and DF about next week’s High Roller’s Room. She tells DF that she is sure that Hannah played in this week’s (she didn’t) so therefore, Hannah won’t have enough to play this week (she will). Alyssa reassures them that if she wins HOH, neither of them will see the block in any way.

DX tells Tiffany about his conversation with Ky and tells her that he wonders if he should ask Azah for a sympathy vote or a regular vote and Tiffany tells him, both. She tells him that if he has Ky’s vote, Hannah’s vote and Tiffany’s vote all he has to do is convince Azah or DF. She tells him that he has to talk to DF though because he is still mad at DX for trying to flip the vote.

SB tells Alyssa about how DF is telling people that he is targeting her and Ky and Alyssa tells her that DF did mention that he felt a little left out. SB brings up the idea of each of their duos making F3 deals with DF and Alyssa says she will bring it to X now before he goes into solitary for his punishment. She does go and bring it to X and X tells her that they can tell SB and Ky that they did that and just continue to work with them (Azah and DF) without making any promises to DF.

SB talked to Tiffany that no matter who wins HOH they have to put up who they want to nominate in case the noms don’t change since there is a chance that they won’t. Tiffany says that if she or Claire don’t win, they are likely going up together, but SB says that she is pretty sure most of the house would rather see her and Ky on the block.

Hannah tells Claire that she really wishes they both could stay but tells Claire that she doesn’t want DX to go out unanimously so he will likely get her vote this week. Claire says that she understands. Hannah tells her that if she wins HOH, she is going after SB and Ky and Claire said that she would do the same. Claire tells Hannah that Alyssa told her that she would put two people up that wouldn’t use the Veto on X.

DX talked to Azah and says that he doesn’t understand why keeping SB’s trust matters so much. He gave her $5000, didn’t spin the roulette wheel and so many other things to prove to her that she can trust him and she still BD’d him. Azah asks DX if he has three votes lined up already and he tells her that he does, but can’t say who. She guesses that it’s Hannah, Tiffany, and Ky (it is).

The HGs got video clips for this week’s HOH and started studying and Xavier was put into his solitary confinement room (AKA the HN room).

SB talked to DF later on and told him that she thinks that he is the only one who can play in the Coin of Destiny, but DF tells her that he thinks that Hannah and Tiffany are lying about how many BB Bucks they have. He tells SB that he thinks that Hannah is lying about playing last week which means she will likely have enough also. SB thinks that they would have told someone if they did have the BB Bucks to play.

DF talks to Tiffany and asks her if they are set with the DX leaving plan and Tiffany tells him she is fine with whatever the Cookout wants. DF says that they have to get SB out next week and Tiffany says that Ky can’t win HOH next week or else the Cookout is done. DF says that Ky made a promise though and Tiffany tells him that Ky’s promises haven’t meant anything thus far, but they will see on Thursday. He says that he didn’t like how SB kept mentioning how many BB Bucks he had in their conversation.

Ky tells DX that his staying would benefit his game and DX wonders where they can get the fourth vote from if not from Azah. Ky tells him that he should talk to DF because he is upset that he is the only one with enough money in the house to play in the Coin and try to appeal to him that way.

DX goes to talk to DF and DF tells him that he would like for DX to stay, but doesn’t commit to his vote. DX talks to a couple more HGs before going up to talk to SB before bed. He tells her that if he stays, Alyssa and X would be coming after him before her and Ky. She tells him that if he stays, he will likely go after her and tells him that he can sway everyone to vote her out. He tells her that if he had that much sway, he would be staying this week anyway. After their talk, he asked her if she had changed her mind about him and she tells him that she hasn’t.

Even though he took a shot in the dark talking to SB, he is still one vote shy of being able to stay this week. He has until tonight’s live eviction to convince either DF or Azah to vote for him to stay. There is time still and we have seen stranger things happen! Make sure you come back later to let me know who you think will be evicted and then I will let you know who I think will be going home! It’s going to be an interesting day inside the house!

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