The Power of Veto Ceremony took place inside the Big Brother 23 house on Monday and the final nominees for Week 8 of Big Brother were set. Get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother 2021 house before and after the Veto Ceremony right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day off with a conversation between Kyland and Claire where he told her that he has narrowed the secret HOH down to either her or Tiffany so he talks to her like she is the HOH. He tells her that he feels pretty good about his chances of staying over Sarah B this week. He asks Claire if she has any preference for the POV being used or not. She tells him that Hannah is the person who won it and she will respect whatever Hannah chooses to do with it.

Xavier tells Alyssa that Kyland’s paranoia is getting out of control. He doesn’t understand why he feels like he needs to hold one-on-ones before the Veto Meeting.

Azah and Derek talked a bit about how Kyland hasn’t talked about any of the information he got out of his HOH and he doesn’t talk any game with them.

Kyland asked Hannah what she was planning to do with the Power of Veto and she told Kyland that she was going to use it on Xavier. Kyland responded with an “okay, good” and went about his business.

The feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and when they came back up we found out that Hannah did, in fact, use the Power of Veto on Xavier and because he was the third nominee, there was no replacement nominee. Derek tells Azah after the Veto Meeting that he thinks that Claire is coming for him since she tried to flip the vote. A little while later, Tiffany comes in and tells Derek that Claire isn’t coming for him. She tells him that there is a big difference between targeting someone and just preferring someone else.

This came after a conversation that he, Azah, and Hannah had outside about whether or not Claire or Alyssa should go first. Azah told him she thinks that Alyssa needs to go first because Alyssa is capable of winning comps and she is worried that Alyssa could win the F7 HOH and then take one of them out. She thinks that if they keep Claire around, the likelihood of her winning is lower.

Hannah talked to Xavier about who they think should win the next HOH. Hannah says that their best bet is for Azah to win since she can take a shot at Alyssa. She thinks that Derek would be a good option too, but they both agree that Xavier shouldn’t win HOH. Xavier says that the only way he is going to fight for HOH is if he is up against Alyssa and Claire. He then says that he doesn’t want Kyland to win HOH because they don’t need anymore one-on-ones or for his ego to get any more inflated than it already is. However, Hannah says that if it comes down to Kyland and Xavier, Kyland should win because Xavier can’t take a shot at Alyssa and it would put a bigger target on Kyland.

Xavier talked to Derek a little while after this conversation and they were wondering what the next move would be. Xavier says that if he or Derek win, they will take a shot at Claire, but if anyone else wins, they could take a shot at Alyssa. They agree that if Claire and Alyssa end up on the block together, they will know that they are all working together, but at that point, it won’t matter.

Talks between them turn to what they think Kyland will do if he wins HOH? Kyland has been going around telling people that he has to win the next HOH. Xavier says that Kyland needs his ego checked. Derek tells Xavier that he will tell Kyland that if he doesn’t let either him or Azah win the HOH, then they can’t work with the rest of them anymore. Xavier thinks Kyland wants to win just to regain control over them.

Kyland joins the conversation and Derek tells Xavier and Kyland that their best bet is for either Derek or Azah to win HOH next week. Kyland asks what that statement is based on and Derek reminds Kyland that their goal was for each of them to win an HOH. Derek says that if there is a way for him to win he would like to. Derek says that if he wins he is just going to put Alyssa and Claire up together. They talk about how if they aren’t on the block together, then one can win the Veto and take the other off. That would leave two Cookout members on the block together.

The feeds went down for a few hours throughout the night and we aren’t really sure why. When they came back up, there was just some chit-chat and some repeated “who should go next” talk. Who would you like to see leave the house next?

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