Saturday is Power of Veto Day inside the Big Brother house and yesterday we had six houseguests compete for the golden Power of Veto and a chance to keep themselves safe for the week. If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday, read on to get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother 2021 house right here!

We started the day off with the HGs wondering if Tiffany was going to be playing in this week’s Power of Veto competition. After talking to Tiffany about what could happen in the POV, Claire decided to ask the Diary Room about this. She got confirmation that Tiffany would only be playing it her chip got pulled by one of the three nominees. She told Tiffany this after talking to the DR, but no one else knew this going into the player picks.

The feeds cut for the POV player draw and when the feeds came back up we found out that Xavier, Kyland, and Sarah Beth were going to be joined by Claire, Hannah, and Alyssa. Prior to the Veto being played, there was some like chatter, but nothing really big. Xavier, Claire, and Tiffany all talked about being worried about SB winning this week’s POV at some point. Claire and Tiffany also discussed whether or not Claire should tell anyone else about her winning the Coin (Tiffany has already told most, if not all, of the Cookout members that Claire won).

Feeds go down for the Veto and when they came back up, we see Hannah wearing the Veto medallion. Hannah mentions that it was a close comp with Hannah narrowly beating SB (27 seconds) and Kyland being only a few seconds behind SB. Tiffany hypes Hannah up a bit after her win telling her that she should always remember that she beat Ky and Xavier in a comp.

Kyland and Xavier talked a bit about the votes this week and they expect SB to go out unanimously this week. Derek and Azah talked a bit later about how Kyland and Xavier seem down after the POV since they both got beat in the POV and Kyland is also upset that SB is leaving this week. Tiffany camtalked a bit about how happy she is that SB is finally leaving since she has been trying to get her out since week 5.

Part of her POV win also included a movie night. Hannah was able to pick three people to go with her to this movie night and she chose to bring the nominees. While they are at the movie, not much went on inside the house. Derek did have an opportunity to talk to Alyssa and they both agreed that Claire has to go next.

Hannah and Xavier talked a little later and they discussed the possibility of Hannah using the POV on him. She tells him that she wants to use it on him, but she has to talk to Tiffany and Claire before making the decision.

The HGs talked about a possible double eviction coming soon and Claire mentions that they did a triple last year (there has been speculation on social media that there might be another triple this year since there is a two-hour show coming up on September 16th).

Alyssa talked to Xavier about if she wins HOH next week and she tells him that she would nominate Kyland if she did. Talks turn to Hannah and the Veto and Alyssa doesn’t see why Hannah wouldn’t use the Veto on Xavier this week. Xavier talked to Tiffany a bit later and told him that she thinks it would be fine if Hannah used the Veto on him. She doesn’t think it would raise any red flags.

Kyland tells Tiffany that SB told him he should use the fact that he voted to keep DX last week and Tiffany didn’t in his campaign this week. In this conversation, Kyland also told Tiffany that he has a F2 with Derek and one other HG. Tiffany and Kyland stayed up talking for a while last night. He mentioned how SB thinks that whichever one of them leaves this week, the other one will be right behind them. He also tried to pitch an idea that Hannah should save him with the Veto (I don’t see any logic behind this).

There is no way that Hannah will use the Veto on Kyland this week, but I could see her using it on Xavier. No matter who is left on the block on Thursday, SB will likely be voted out unanimously and join Britini and Derek X in the Jury house.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of tonight’s show! Tonight we will see who played in this week’s High Roller’s Room, how the Coin of Destiny comp played out, and find out more stipulations on the secret HOH. There has been talk inside the house that Claire might be forced to throw the HOH this week while Tiffany can play for it.

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