It was a pretty normal Sunday inside the Big Brother 23 house with one of this week’s nominees looking to have the Power of Veto used on them. Get all the details of what else happened inside the Big Brother 2021 house the day before the Veto Ceremony takes place right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day off pretty slow with a lot of general chatter in the house. The first real conversation we saw was between Tiffany and Azah where Tiffany told Azah that Kyland seemed to be campaigning to have the Veto used on him. She tells Azah that she didn’t really give him too much, but acted like she was interested in what he was saying. Tiffany thinks that it might be best for Hannah to use the Veto on Xavier this week.

Tiffany tells Claire that she thinks that Kyland is going to attempt to have Alyssa put up, but says that Kyland should have won the Veto if he wanted more control over what happened. They talk about trying to strike a deal with Xavier in exchange for him coming off the block. Claire agrees that if anyone comes down, it should be Xavier.

Kyland tells Sarah Beth that he is trying to get the Veto used on him and get Alyssa put up as a replacement nom. Meanwhile, Hannah is telling Claire that she isn’t going to use the Veto on Kyland this week. She says she wants to enjoy watching Kyland sweat this week and adds that if she takes Xavier down it could help them (her, Claire, and Tiffany) build trust with Xavier if she uses it on him.

Hannah talks to Derek and Azah about the Veto and they both agree that using it on Xavier would be the right move but she doesn’t have to use it either. A little later, Hannah tells Tiffany that she is going to keep Kyland on the block this week Tiffany is annoyed that Kyland wants them to tell him everything and if he wins HOH next week, he’s probably going to interrogate everyone like he did the first two times.

Kyland talks to Xavier and tells him that he feels like he should be taken off the block so that he can give SB a pity vote this week. Kyland says that this seems too personal against SB and Xavier tells him that if he was on the block next to Alyssa, she wouldn’t be getting a pity vote from anyone. Kyland still thinks that SB should get one vote and Xavier offers to give her a pity vote for him. Kyland says that Alyssa still won’t have one if they are on the block together. Xavier says that there is only so much they can do to shield everyone’s feelings.

Kyland goes to talk to Hannah and pitches this idea to her but Hannah tells him that Claire will not be okay with that. She tells Kyland that Claire thinks it’s Kyland’s fault that DX ended up on the block last week so Claire isn’t going to want Kyland saved. Kyland tells Hannah that she should tell Claire that not taking Kyland off the block could make him suspicious of her being the secret HOH.

Claire later told Xavier that she is in full support of Hannah using the Veto on him this week. After, Xavier talks to Hannah about Kyland’s pitch and says that Xaiver could just as easily throw SB a pity vote. Xavier told her that he told Kyland that too and Hannah thinks that he is just trying to give SB more hope this week. Xavier tells Hannah that Kyland is too arrogant. Hannah and Xavier agree that Kyland is becoming a liability.

Hannah tells Claire that Kyland said Claire let it slip that she was secret HOH but Claire says that she didn’t. Claire says that Kyland probably thinks that he could convince Derek and Azah to vote to keep SB.

SB and Kyland talked later after the HGs had a Big Brother Olympics thing in the backyard. SB tells Kyland that she thinks she will stay over Kyland and if she does she is going to try and work with Hannah since she lost her number one last week. SB tells Ky that she doesn’t regret getting DX out last week, but does believe if she didn’t that she would have made it to at least F6. SB tells Kyland that she is going to whisper something to him on Eviction Night that she hasn’t told him.

SB talks to Azah later on and tried to pitch to her that Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany, and Xavier are all working together. Hannah camtalked before bed and told us she plans to use the Veto on Xavier and keeping Kyland on the block. She did say that she brought up the idea of using the Veto on Kyland to Claire but Claire shot it down.

Alyssa tells Xavier that SB has been throwing her under the bus to try and have her put on the block at the Veto Meeting. Xavier tells Alyssa that SB has been dragging her for weeks.

Azah tells Hannah that she wouldn’t mind if Kyland went before the F6 but says she wouldn’t do it herself. She says that she hopes that he is the first to go when they get to F6. She tells Hannah that she is worried that Kyland will win HOH and put her up.

The Veto Ceremony is coming up later today and it looks like Hannah will be using the POV on Xavier this week, leaving Kyland on the block next to SB. I’ll have confirmation a little later today so be on the lookout for that!

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