It was a quiet day inside the Big Brother 23 house with the houseguests hanging around and speculating most of the day. If you missed any of the conversations, you can get all the details of those chats right here with our Big Brother 2021 live feeds recap. Also, make sure you catch up on all the Big Brother spoilers this week before tomorrow night’s eviction!

It was a pretty quiet morning with a lot of lounging and talking life. The backyard was closed early for the HOH comp setup which had the HGs thinking that this week’s HOH could be an endurance comp. Azah spoke with Kyland a bit to get an idea of what he would do if he won HOH this week. He told her that ideally, he would like to see her or Derek win the HOH because them taking a shot at Claire and Alyssa makes more sense. Kyland also mentioned that he really hopes that they don’t do a double at F7 and they both agree that would be pretty heartbreaking (there has been some speculation that there will be a triple on 9/16 due to a two-hour episode of Big Brother 23 being scheduled).

Derek voiced his concern to Hannah about Claire winning HOH again. Hannah says that she isn’t eligible this week and even if she did win the week after, she thinks that Claire is more likely to go after Kyland and Xavier.

Hannah talked to SB a little later on and asked her how she was planning to hold her campaign. SB tells her she isn’t sure yet because it’s different this time. She says that the last time she knew she was staying after the Veto Ceremony happened, she says that this week she isn’t sure. SB tells Hannah that even if she does stay, she doesn’t see herself making it very far in the game.

Alyssa talked to Hannah about next week and says that if they take out Kyland next week then that will leave the three pairs and Xavier (implying that she and Hannah are a duo). Hannah played along with this even though she knows that Alyssa isn’t making it further in the game than Kyland (unless she wins HOH next week and Claire wins POV). Alyssa tells Hannah that if she wins HOH, she is going to put Kyland and Claire on the block and send Kyland to Jury. Meanwhile, Claire is telling Azah that if she wins HOH next week she is going to put Alyssa up with either Kyland or Xavier.

Kyland talked to Tiffany and was trying to convince her that she should take him to F2  and not Xavier. He tells Tiffany that he would take her over Xavier and then tells Tiffany that he thinks they should make a F3 with Hannah. When Kyland leaves the room, Tiffany camtalks and tells us that she would take Hannah to F2 over Kyland.

We ended the night off with Kyland and SB chatting in the HN room even though they aren’t HNs (there are no HNs this week). Most of the day was just downtime between the HGs since they all know what’s going on for this week. They talked a lot about life at home, their favorite moves, and television show. There was some working out and a lot of relaxing.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s HOH will bring us some excitement. Make sure you come back later tonight for our live recap of tonight’s Power of Veto show!

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