It was a day of campaigning inside the Big Brother 23 house as Kyland and Sarah Beth try to convince their fellow houseguests why they should be the one to stay. Unfortunately for one of this week’s nominees on Big Brother 2021, the writing is on the wall and they will likely become the next jury member. Find out which nominee is likely to leave and what each nominee had to say in their one-on-ones right here with my Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day off a little slow with a lot of talk about whether or not Sarah Beth’s girlfriend, Shelly, actually exists. Most of the HGs have been questioning whether or not she exists because of how close she and Kyland are.

Sarah Beth started her one on ones pretty early in the afternoon and she asked the same question to everyone as they started. She asked everyone what their biggest concern is when it comes to keeping her over Kyland. Xavier told her that he was most worried about her relationship with Alyssa because he can’t have his two allies taking shots at each other.

Derek told SB that he doesn’t really have a concern, it just sucks that he has to choose between his two F3 members. SB tells Derek that if she were to stay and they decided just to pick her off next week, they wouldn’t put her next to him. She also tells him that she would throw the HOH to him if she stayed.

SB talked to Hannah and Hannah told her that she sees Kyland as a bigger shield for her and that would be her biggest concern with taking him out this week. She says that keeping him in the house keeps her in the house for at least one more week. SB talks to Tiffany next and Tiffany tells her that she thinks that SB is playing a really good game because she makes herself seem less threatening. Tiffany also tells her that if she is sitting next to SB, she will lose. SB tells her that she is going to have to find people to work with after Kyland leaves and she tells Tiffany that she sees herself working with her. Tiffany says that she would love that, but she doesn’t know how long SB would keep her around.

SB talks to Azah next and Azah tells her that for her personal game, it’s actually better for SB to stay this week. SB wasn’t expecting that at all. SB talked to Claire and Claire asks her what her plan is if she stays next week and SB tells her that she feels like her best bet is to lay low and hope that she can stick around, but she doesn’t see herself making it that far in the game. She tells Claire that she thinks someone will see her as someone easily picked off though.

Alyssa talked to SB and tells her that DX told her a lot of things about SB throwing Alyssa under the bus for weeks. SB tells her that she was really just trying to make it seem like she and Alyssa weren’t working together. She admits that she might have said something about not trusting Alyssa but she thought that would just imply that she wouldn’t work with her because of that. She didn’t think that it would cause people to look at Alyssa differently. SB tells Alyssa that if she stays, she isn’t going to gun it for HOH and feels like people will just target her again next week. Alyssa tells SB that she is 50/50 with her vote right now.

Alyssa then goes to talk to Xavier about her one on one with SB and tells him that she claimed she didn’t think that the things she was saying would affect Alyssa’s game as they did. She tells Xavier that SB must think she’s stupid because she doesn’t believe for a second that SB didn’t say those things knowingly. After Alyssa leaves the room, Xavier mumbles to himself about whether he thinks he should win HOH or not because if he wins HOH then Alyssa gets to stay one more week.

Kyland did his one on ones, which were kind of pointless since he knows he is staying this week. He did mention to Derek that he would like for Tiffany or Xavier to throw SB a sympathy vote this week. Tiffany talked to Kyland a little later and told him that everyone feels like they know SB the least out of everyone who came to the house. She says that most of the house feels like SB has lied to them about who she is.

Alyssa talked to Xavier again later about how she feels like people are trying to find reasons to come after them, but adds that the women probably want Alyssa out of the house over Xavier. She tells him that they could probably beat Kyland, Derek, and Azah, but wouldn’t be able to beat Tiffany, Claire, or even Hannah. Xavier asks her what they should do if they win HOH and she says that they should go with Claire and Kyland and make Kyland look like the target.

Tiffany tells Kyland that she wouldn’t mind seeing Claire go to F7 with them, but she is worried about being on the block next to her because if Claire wins POV, there’s no one left to put up. Later on, Tiffany talked to Hannah and they talked about making a deal with Alyssa so that if she does win the F7 HOH she won’t target them. They think that she would target Kyland and Azah instead.

Hannah mentioned that she wants Alyssa out over Claire next week and that she would like to see Derek out first in the Cookout. Not Kyland like most of the others. She mentioned that she would throw the HOH to Azah after Claire and Alyssa are both out of the comp.

Before heading to bed last night, Kyland did tell SB that she wasn’t going to have the votes to stay this week. He again suggests that there is a secret alliance and SB says that if Claire goes next, that will prove there is. They were up pretty late talking about various things back home and talking about events inside the house.

Be on the lookout for all my regular Eviction Day posts throughout the day! I’ll be posting my eviction poll first, then my eviction prediction. Unless something big happens, which doesn’t seem likely, I think we all know what’s going to happen tonight.

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