Friday is Nomination Day in the Big Brother 23 house and we kicked off the day with some one-on-ones between the houseguests and this week’s Head of Household. The cracks in the Cookout alliance are getting bigger and bigger as the days go by the day and it has one of this week’s noms on Big Brother 2021 thinking about doing something crazy. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day off with Tiffany asking Hannah if she thinks that anyone in the Cookout will win the Veto and pull either Xavier down to force her to put Claire up? Hannah says that she doesn’t see that happening and Tiffany says that the only person not okay with Claire staying this week is Xavier. Hannah tells her that’s understandable though.

Tiffany has a long conversation with Claire in the bathroom about the house dynamic (or what Claire thinks it is) and Tiffany brings up targeting Derek next week if Claire wins Head of Household. Claire says that they can do that or they can go after Kyland or Xavier if she wins. In this conversation, she seems pretty ready to take a big shot if she wins HOH going into F7. After this conversation, Tiffany went over her nomination speech with Claire leaving out the names of her nominees.

Downstairs, Xavier is talking to Derek and asks him if Tiffany is doing one-on-ones and Derek tells him he isn’t sure but he isn’t going to look for her either. They both talk about their frustration with Tiffany winning this week’s HOH when she didn’t have to. Xavier told Derek and then Kyland a few minutes later that he sees him and Alyssa going on the block. They both agree that’s probably what’s going to happen because that’s what the plan was. Xavier voices his frustration about being on the block three weeks in a row.

Tiffany talked to Hannah before starting her one-on-ones and says that she doesn’t believe anything that Derek tells her at this point. She adds that he hasn’t tried to offer her anything though, so at least he isn’t making fake deals with her. Hannah thinks that everyone’s best bet is to bring Derek to F2 with them. Tiffany tells Hannah that she couldn’t vote for someone who picks Derek as their F2. She says that she would vote for Derek out of spite. Hannah says that not everyone in the Jury house feels that way though.

Tiffany started her one-on-ones with Alyssa and in all honesty, this is the only one that really matters since everyone in the house knows that Alyssa and Xavier were going up, except for Alyssa. Tiffany tells her that she is weighing out all her options but, tells Alyssa not to be surprised if she sees her and Xavier’s faces on the memory wall at Nominations. Alyssa asks if she can make a couple of pitches to Tiffany before she leaves and Tiffany says yes, please.

Alyssa tells Tiffany that if she wins HOH next week, she isn’t coming after her which means that she would have Claire, Hannah, and Alyssa all playing HOH and protecting her if she won. She adds that if she takes Alyssa to F2, she has the biggest chance of winning the game next to her than any other HG left in the game. She goes person by person and breaks down the Jury votes with Tiffany sitting next to each person left. Alyssa is pretty accurate with this also considering she knows nothing about the Cookout alliance and the dynamic there. Tiffany tells her that she has given her a lot to think about for sure and adds that she never thought of the Jury votes like that.

During her one-on-one with Derek, he asks her what will happen if Alyssa wins the HOH and she tells him that she would have to put Claire up. He tells her that she would likely lose her Jury vote if she did that and Tiffany says that she is just going to have to deal with that. Somehow they got on the topic of Derek and his F2 with Frenchie. Tiffany is confused by this and asks him if he had the Cookout, where was Frenchie going to come in? Feeds cut right after she asked him this and were down for just under two hours while production switched out the kitchen table.

After the table, Tiffany and Derek went back upstairs to finish their talk and Derek tells Tiffany that his plan is to take out the people he thinks are coming for him and at this point, he doesn’t know who that is. He tells Tiffany that he thinks that the girls are going to make it to F3, not the guys but Tiffany doesn’t agree with that.

After Derek leaves, Tiffany camtalks about their conversations. She says that they are all there to play a game, the game doesn’t change when they get to F6. The game doesn’t start, end or change when they get there either. She says that she knows that Derek has F2 deals with several Cookout members and him not offering her anything, tells her everything she needs to know about the game he is playing.

Xavier tells Kyland that it should be him and Alyssa on the block this week. He says that as far as what happens with the Veto, he doesn’t feel like that needs to be a discussion. Kyland asks him if he is going to mention anything to Tiffany about the veto scenario if one of them should come down and he says no. Kyland agrees they should bring that up unless one of them wins the Veto this week.

There was a pretty funny conversation between Azah and Kyland in the Storage Room yesterday. They were talking about the food restock and then Azah turns to him and says “I find it funny that Claire told you I was targeting you…I didn’t think that was something that was supposed to be known throughout the house.” They laughed about it and Azah tells him that was the weirdest one-on-one she has ever had (with SB). She tells him that when SB asked her who she would target if she won HOH and she told her Kyland, SB looked at her square in the face and told her “I did everything in my power to make sure that Britini went home last week.” Kyland and Azah laughed at this because of SB’s boldness in the statement.

The feeds went down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up we see Alyssa and Xavier’s faces on the Memory Wall. Derek tells Xavier that if he wins HOH next week he is putting Claire and Tiffany on the block. If Claire wins the POV, he is putting Hannah up and they will go from there. Meanwhile, Tiffany is camtalking about how she needs to make sure she wins the POV this week so that she can guarantee Alyssa goes home.

Azah and Derek talked a little after that and he tells her that he is gunning for the HOH when they get to F6. Azah tells him that Tiffany thinks it’s going to be her or Kyland going first.

Tiffany and Azah talk about the POV and Tiffany says she knows it will be Zingbot but that the comp can’t be in the Backyard because that’s open already.

Later, Xavier talks to Derek again about his frustration with Tiffany. Derek tells Xavier that Tiffany is nervous about being the first of the six to go. Derek asks him who he thinks should go first out of Tiffany and Kyland and Xavier says probably, Tiffany. He adds that it isn’t just because of this week either. He points out that if any of them are sitting next to Tiffany, they will lose. Derek agrees with that.

Xavier says that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do if he wins the Veto this week. He asks Derek what he thinks Tiffany would do if he used the Veto on Alyssa instead of himself. Derek tells him not to do that to himself. Xavier says that if he wanted to put himself first as Tiffany and Kyland have, he would win the Veto and take Alyssa down and then force Tiffany to make a choice that could ruin her game. Put up Claire or another Cookout member. Derek tells Xavier that their best bet is to go with Tiffany’s plan this week and adds that it doesn’t matter if Claire or Alyssa stays this week.

Xavier brings this crazy idea to Kyland too and tells him that the evil side of him really wants to take Alyssa down with the Veto instead of himself if he wins. Kyland asks him if he would actually go through with that plan and he says “probably not.”

Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier had a conversation later in the HOH room about how things should go. Tiffany asks Xavier if he still wants to go to F3 with them and he says yes. They talk about how they can’t get Kyland out first. Tiffany says they should get Derek and Azah out first. Hannah says that Kyland will take them to the end over Xavier. Tiffany mentions that if Claire wins the next HOH that they can get her to target Derek and then take her out the following week.

Hannah talks to Alyssa and warns her that if Xavier comes down, she could end up next to Derek. Alyssa is shocked that Kyland wouldn’t end up the renom. Hannah suggests that maybe Tiffany has some kind of deal with Kyland and adds that keeping Kyland in the house is better because he is a big target. Hannah tells Alyssa that if she ends up next to Kyland then she would have Hannah, Azah, and Xavier’s votes and she could stay this week. Alyssa wonders if she should offer a F4 to Tiffany including the two of them (A&H) and Tiffany and Claire.

We ended the night with a lot of small talks. Tiffany camtalked right before bed and said that she has to stay focused on her goal of getting Alyssa out this week. She doesn’t want to think of what will happen if Alyssa comes down and Claire has to go up. She worries about the risks of her winning HOH and possibly having to expose herself to Claire.

Stay tuned for POV spoilers coming up later today! Zingbot will be in the house and all but two HGs will be playing! Who do you hope wins the POV this week?

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