The Veto Ceremony took place inside the Big Brother 23 house and this week’s final nominees were locked in. The Big Brother 2021 houseguests also got to enjoy a Labor Day party in the backyard with the feeds shut down. If you missed any of the action inside the house before or after the Veto Ceremony, get all the details here with my Big Brother spoilers!

We started the day with Tiffany and Hannah talking in the Head of Household room about trying to convince Alyssa to use the Veto on Xavier instead of her. Tiffany talked about telling her that no matter what everyone is saying inside the house, Xavier doesn’t have the votes to stay this week and if he is left on the block, she will be forced to put someone up there that sends him to the Jury house because he is such a huge threat. Hannah actually sat there and helped her with her wording for about an hour.

While Tiffany was doing this, Kyland was spilling all the beans from his conversation with Hannah and Tiffany the night before to Xavier. He tells Xavier all of this in an attempt to lock in a F2 with him and earn some trust going into next week. Tiffany made a comment to Hannah a little later in the morning about how if Xavier is sitting next to DF at any eviction and Xavier doesn’t go home, they are all in trouble and they might as well just give him the check.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and while the feeds were down, Tiffany went to Alyssa and quickly pitched to her the idea of using the Veto on Xavier instead of herself. When the feeds come back up, we find out that her last-ditch effort to save Claire failed. Alyssa used the veto on herself and Claire was put on the block next to Xavier.

Alyssa was in the HOH talking to Tiffany but leaving as the feeds came back up. She heads downstairs and to the backyard. Xavier goes upstairs to talk to Tiffany and Alyssa sits with Derek and Azah. These next two conversations happened at the same exact time.

Alyssa tells Azah and Derek that she can’t believe she pulled that off. She really thinks that she had a hand in getting Claire renominated and that getting Claire out this week is going to weaken Tiffany’s game. Meanwhile, Xavier is upstairs telling Tiffany that he isn’t upset that Tiffany made one more attempt to save Claire this week by trying to convince Alyssa not to use the Veto. He would have been more worried had she not made that attempt and adds that he is happy she stuck to her word by putting Claire up.

Alyssa tells Azah a little of what Tiffany told her right before the Veto about how she told everyone to tell Alyssa that Xavier was safe this week when he isn’t. Azah tells Alyssa that she wanted Xavier to stay from the start. Alyssa asks Azah who they should put up if they win HOH next week and asks if it should be Kyland. Azah says and Tiffany unfortunately and Alyssa agrees by saying that she would prefer Kyland to go over Tiffany. When Alyssa leaves the backyard, Azah is laying outside mumbling to herself “she has no idea that she is the next target and this is why we should just tell the truth”

Azah talked to Hannah a little later and they talked about various things. The conversation started with Azah telling Hannah that Alyssa is on board with targeting Kyland if she wins HOH. They talked about the different scenarios and who goes home next to who for a while. Then talks turned to them putting Alyssa and Xavier on the block next week. Azah is worried that Xavier is going to be upset that he is on the block the fourth week in a row, but Hannah says they agreed to sit next to their number ones. She adds that if he is going to be really upset, they can always put Alyssa next to Derek.

Hannah also told Azah that she thinks the guys are going to stick together in the end because they aren’t going to want to take a woman to the end since the jury is a majority of women. Hannah is also worried that Derek will come after her before he goes after Kyland, but Azah says she would be surprised by this if he does. In this conversation, they also talk about how Hannah is going to vote for Claire so she has one vote, but they can pin it on Kyland if Alyssa wins HOH.

Alyssa comes into the bathroom while Azah and Hannah are talking and Azah leaves the room. Alyssa tells Hannah about the talk Tiffany had with her before the Veto Ceremony. Alyssa tells Hannah how crappy it would be if Xavier leaves Thursday and then it’s a Double Eviction (it is) and Alyssa leaves right after. They head into the living room and Alyssa mentions to everyone that her call with her family is on Wednesday and she hopes that her video message is shown on the show.

The feeds were quiet leading into the feeds outage for their party and when the feeds came back up after the party, Derek seemed a little off. Xavier went to check on him thinking that he was just feeling homesick, but Derek tells Xavier that he is worried that Kyland might be manipulating him.

Hannah talked to Alyssa again about the conversation with Tiffany before the Veto Ceremony and Alyssa says “why the f*** would I change my plan five minutes before the meeting and use the Veto on X?” Later, Azah and Derek both confirmed with Alyssa that they are going to vote out Claire this week.  Alyssa also mentioned to Azah and Derek in this conversation that after Claire goes this week, everyone left in the house is a minority. Derek says that he didn’t even think of that (we clearly know they have).

Alyssa also mentions that with Derek X making Jury, everyone minority that started in the house will at least make Jury and that has never happened. Alyssa then jokes that she is half white and asks if she is going next? Derek asks her why she would even joke like that? Alyssa says that even if she goes next, it’s exciting to know that a person of color will win this season.

Derek tells Xavier that he feels like he has to talk to Kyland because something feels off between them. He says that he said something to him and then all of a sudden he started acting weird towards him. Xavier asked him what he said and Derek says that he doesn’t remember his exact wording, but he does remember that he told him he “liked” him. Derek goes and asks Kyland if they are on the same page and Kyland asks him why wouldn’t they be? Derek says that he just had to ask because he knows they don’t talk a lot of game because they feel they don’t have to. He doesn’t feel any better after this talk and says that he is going to play Kyland like Kyland is playing him.

We ended the night with a conversation between Xavier and Derek where they talk about how they won’t cut Kyland over one of the women yet. Derek mentions how they got the entire Cookout to F7, but he feels like this might be as far as they get together. Derek mentions that he is going to laugh in Tiffany’s face if Alyssa wins the Veto next week and she (T) ends up going to Jury. Xavier thinks that she ruined her chance of winning Jury votes as soon as she had to renom Claire. Tiffany explained to Derek how the DE works and how quickly things go and after Derek leaves Tiffany says that she plans on winning everyone veto she has to in order to stay in the game.

This upcoming Double Eviction on Thursday has some potential to get messy, but will Alyssa be able to pull off an HOH or Veto win? We will have to wait and see.

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