It was Veto Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and this week’s Power of Veto didn’t really go as hoped for this week’s Head of Household. Now that the plan has shifted, what will the HOH do for Week 9 of Big Brother 2021? Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

The morning started with an early wake-up call and the houseguests getting ready for the day. Not much happened before the Veto players were picked.

The feeds came back up from the Veto draw and we find out that Hannah, Derek, and Azah were joining Tiffany, Xavier, and Alyssa in this week’s Power of Veto. All the HGs were expecting it to be Zingbot because of how late in the season we are and as we know, they were correct in that.

After the player draw happened, Derek and Xavier talked about their continued frustration with Tiffany since winning the HOH she didn’t have to win. Derek says that as long as he stays longer than Tiffany does, he’ll be happy.

Alyssa tells Xavier that she would like to make a pitch to Tiffany for Kyland going up if one of them comes down. She thinks that Hannah would join them in a F4 with Tiffany.

Hannah and Tiffany talk about what they think the Cookout is really planning and Hannah brought up how Derek jokingly brought up that Hannah was coming after him. Tiffany talks about how Azah wouldn’t commit to keeping the nominations the same when they talked.

Azah and Xavier talked about the week so far and Azah mentions that she is really confused as to why Claire would think that Kyland was with her if he nominated her. They also talk about how this week they were expecting it to be Claire going this week and Xavier mentions that he thinks it’s unfair that Kyland and Tiffany didn’t throw the comp to someone else in the Cookout like her or Derek.

The HGs spent a lot of time relaxing before the comp and studying the memory wall in case it was the face swap comp. The feeds cut around 1:45 PM for the comp and were down for two and a half hours. When the feeds came back up, it took us a while to figure out who won the comp. The HGs were all sitting around the table talking about how it was a tiny veto comp and then all of a sudden, I spotted the veto on a bracelet around Alyssa’s wrist.

Hannah and Tiffany talked a little later about having to come up with a cover story as to why they have to renom Claire. Hannah suggests that Tiffany tell her she made some kind of deal that prevents her from being able to put certain houseguests next to Xavier. They would then have to convince Claire that she has the votes to stay this week. Hannah tells Tiffany that they definitely shouldn’t tell her about the Cookout just in case there is a Battle Back.

Kyland came up with the idea that Xavier tries to convince Alyssa to use the Veto on him instead of her. Hannah doesn’t think that she will fall for this, but he goes to Xavier with it anyway. Kyland tells Xavier that Tiffany wants him to try and convince Alyssa of this and Xavier gets upset that she would even suggest that (she didn’t).

Tiffany tells Hannah that Claire knows the others are mad at her for winning HOH and maybe she can use that to convince Claire as to why she has to put her up. Tiffany’s concern about this is telling Claire that she is safe when she knows that she isn’t and how that could impact her jury vote.

Tiffany talks to Claire about the possibility of Alyssa voting Xavier out this week and Claire tells her that Alyssa wouldn’t vote Xavier out over Derek (which is who she thinks the renom is going to be).

Derek is upset because he doesn’t think that Tiffany will go through with nominating Claire and says that he will go off on her if she doesn’t. Xavier says that if she decides to go after someone in the Cookout instead that it will likely be Kyland. Hannah tells Xavier that Tiffany has come to terms with the fact that Claire has to go this week. Xavier suggests that if Tiffany reveals the Cookout to Claire, they vote Tiffany out over Alyssa if there is a double. Xavier says that she can simply tell Tiffany that Claire is the only other renom that ensures Xavier goes.

Tiffany tells Hannah that she is going to make it look like Claire is going up as a pawn. Hannah tells her that she can try and make it seem like Alyssa’s idea to renom Claire so that Alyssa won’t think anything of it when it happens.

Azah and Xavier talk a little about the week and Azah wonders if they should tell Claire, but Xavier doesn’t want to because if she tells Alyssa then Alyssa will feel betrayed by him (kind of like how Claire is going to feel towards Tiffany). Azah talks to Alyssa a little later and Alyssa tells Azah that it would be good for them to keep Xavier this week and Azah agrees with her. Alyssa also mentions how it would be a bad move for Tiffany to renom Claire to force Xavier’s eviction (there goes that idea).

Alyssa goes back to tell Hannah that Azah is good with keeping Xavier this week and tells Hannah that she is secretly really close to Derek and Azah. Later Hannah talked to Claire about Tiffany and how she will likely be the target next week. Claire mentions how it’s good that she won’t have to take that shot because the rest of the house is going to.

Xavier and Derek talk about how Tiffany has messed up her game this week and Derek says that they just need to keep telling Tiffany what she wants to hear. Derek also tells Xavier that he is going to pitch to Tiffany that she put Kyland up so that she doesn’t think that the guys are all working together.

The Cookout talked last night in the backyard about everything going on. Tiffany says that she wishes she could just be straight with Claire this week and Derek tells her that she would support her. Xavier told Tiffany that Alyssa will be okay with Claire going up this week, he’s been working on it with her. Tiffany says that she never told Claire that she would be safe and she could just say that she promised the others safety already.

They talked about how they would target Alyssa next week and Derek suggests that they put Tiffany or Azah next to her. Tiffany tells them that they all have to fight for HOH, not throwing it! Tiffany reassures them all that she is loyal to them. After this talk, Tiffany and Kyland talked a little more and Kyland wondered if they could get Alyssa not to use the Veto at all, he also thought that this was a good plan…They head to bed shortly after.

So we could expect Tiffany to renom Claire this week, but Tiffany is going to try and convince her that she is a pawn. Regardless of how she swings this, Claire is eventually going to find out that Tiffany betrayed her and this is going to have a lasting impression on Claire as she heads to the Jury house.

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