We have officially kicked off Week 9 of Big Brother 23 and this week we will watch as the cracks in the Cookout foundation continue to grow. The new HOH on Big Brother 2021 has quite the predicament on their hands this week when it comes to who they are going to nominate and target. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds right here to get all the details of what went on inside the house after the new HOH was crowned.

After the feeds came back up, Tiffany talked to Xavier about how she told Azah that she was going to throw the HOH to her once Kyland was down. She said that when Kyland never dropped and Azah fell first, she decided to just go for it because she didn’t want Kyland to have a third HOH. Xavier tells Tiffany that neither she nor Kyland should have won that comp. Xavier tells her that she can’t nominate Claire this week and she is good with Alyssa too. Tiffany tells him that the deal she made with Alyssa was for last week, not this week. Tiffany says that if worst comes to worst, she will put Claire up because she isn’t going to put a Cookout member up in place of Alyssa.

Azah is not happy that Kyland didn’t throw the HOH again, but says to Derek that when it came down to Tiffany and Kyland, she was really hoping that Tiffany would win. Derek is throwing himself a pity party about being the first one out of the comp again and how none of these comps are built for a guy his size. He says that he (D) is super tired and checked out. He also talked about being annoyed with Kyland and how he is just going to stay away from him.

Tiffany told Kyland how annoyed she was at him for trying to beat her in the comp and he tells her that he didn’t hear her tell him she wanted it. After she talked to Kyland, she told Hannah that she planned to throw the HOH to Azah, but when Kyland didn’t drop, she went for it. Tiffany tells Hannah that if Claire happens to win the HOH next week then she, Hannah, and Azah will be safe. Hannah says that as long as they are safe, so be it. She adds that the men are just looking out for themselves anyway. Tiffany says that the men can’t say that they are carrying this game anymore and Hannah says because Tiffany has as many HOH wins as Kyland and Hannah has as many POV wins as Xavier.

Derek, Azah, and Alyssa are talking in the room and Derek says that he knows now that Tiffany wasn’t the secret HOH and Alyssa tells him it was Claire. She tells him that she figured that out because of the number of times Claire was called to the Diary Room last week.

Xavier talked to Azah later about how annoyed he is with Tiffany. He tells her that if everyone is playing for themselves then why is he still throwing competitions? Azah tells him that she believes Tiffany when she tells her that she would have dropped after Kyland, but Xavier says that it just seems like Kyland and Tiffany are putting themselves first and now he has to go up the third week in a row. Xavier also voiced all of this to Derek later on.

Tiffany and Xavier talk again later and she tells him that she was going to drop. Xavier says that he thought that Claire going this week was the plan and Tiffany says that she has always been 50/50 on who went next. Tiffany tells Xavier that Alyssa is stronger than Claire, but Xavier thinks that Alyssa is easier to control. He says that he could get Alyssa not to target Tiffany or Hannah. Tiffany says that she can get Claire not to target Xavier.

Tiffany also tells Xavier that she would rather put Alyssa up with Kyland this week, not with Xavier. She says that if he wins Veto though, Alyssa will think he will use it on her. He says that he just won’t win the Veto then. She says that if she puts him up, she wants him to win the Veto and take himself off so that she can renom Kyland or Derek. He gives her the okay to put him up next to Alyssa after she tells him if she wins the Veto, she would use it on him too because she doesn’t want him on the block on Thursday.

The Cookout members talked a lot about how they were annoyed that Kyland didn’t throw the HOH and how Tiffany won’t be put up next to Claire this week now. Kyland tells Hannah that he couldn’t hear Tiffany tell him that she wanted it (they were right next to each other in the comp). Hannah tells Kyland that Claire noticed that everyone started to drop once she did. Xavier at one point also mentioned the possibility of throwing the POV to Alyssa in order to force Tiffany to renom Claire this week.

The trust is dwindling inside the Cookout alliance, but can they get through the next couple of evictions?

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