Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will watch as one houseguest from the Queens, Aces, and Jokers all compete in the final Wildcard Competition of the season! Christian will then pick two of his fellow houseguests and nominate them for eviction for Week 4 of Big Brother 2021. Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation in the comments below.

We start this episode off with the aftermath of Christian’s HOH win and the rest of the Kings celebrating being safe again this week. Claire talks to us a bit about how she doesn’t want to be able to hit the block as a pawn this week so she has to play and win this week’s Wildcard Competition. DX and Hannah talk about how how the Kings might target them and she is particularly worried about hitting the block as a pawn. Derek F and Whitney are talking about how the Jokers are underdogs and how bad he wanted to win this HOH to keep his team off the block this week.

Meanwhile, the Kings are talking about who they should target. Alyssa mentions that they might want to keep Whitney around this week because the rest of the house is looking at her and that will keep them safe next week. Then Hannah’s name comes up and SB thinks that Hannah should be the target because she knows the game better than anyone in the house. Alyssa brings up what is going to happen if Whitney wins the Wildcard Comp and Hannah ends up safe too. Which Jokers are going to hit the block? Christian says probably Britini and Azah.

We get a look at a debate about whether or not the ladies in the house would wear a sports bra that Whitney is wearing to the gym to work out and none of the other ladies say they would. We then get a look at Derek X talking about his upbringing and how he loves and respects his parents, but there is a huge cultural disconnect between him and his parents.

It is now time to find out who is playing in the final Wildcard Competition. Claire is the only eligible player for the Queens and Whitney is the only eligible member from the Aces so they will be competing. Azah is going to play in this week’s Wildcard for the Jokers.

In tonight’s Wildcard Competition the HGs will have to place their olives on a platform and guide them down to the other end, but every once in a while, the lights will turn off leaving them in the dark. Claire ends up getting her olive to the other end before the other two ladies and has won herself safety, but she is nervous about what the stipulation is going to be.

She is told that she either chooses safety for herself and her entire team for the whole week or she can choose to keep herself safe until Jury. She decides to take safety for just herself until Jury. She and the Queens go and celebrate in the storage room and they are both excited that Claire is safe until Jury and aren’t mad that she looked out for herself.

We get a look at a chat between the Royal Flush debating between Hannah and Whitney as this week’s target. SB is pushing hard for Hannah to go, but the others are talking about how Whitney would target both of their teams, but Hannah is more likely to work with at least some of them. SB tells them that everyone fighting for Hannah to stay is the exact reason why she should go.

We then get a look at the Kings meeting with the Jokers so that Christian can see who they would target. They all talk about Whitney and how she said she was going to target the Kings if she won. Azah and DF talk about how they have to have Hannah’s back. Christian says that if the Jokers want Whitney out, they should go after Hannah this week because they will go after Whitney next week.

Christian then talks to Hannah and tells her that the house wants Whitney out this week and he can’t put DX up next to her because he will go. He implies that he is going to put Hannah up as a pawn. She asks him to tell her if that’s what he’s planning, but he tells her that he can’t do that. She mentions some great points as to why she shouldn’t be on the block and pushes for Britini or Azah to go up.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony! Christian nominates Whitney and Hannah and he tells them that he nominated them because he knows that if one of the Kings didn’t win this week at least one of them would have ended up on the block. He made this decision for the benefit of his team.

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