It is time for another episode of Big Brother 23 and tonight we will watch as Christian, Hannah, and Whitney are joined by three of their fellow HGs in this week’s comp. If you don’t want to wait to find out which Big Brother 2021 houseguest went on to win this week’s POV, you can find out by reading our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode!

We start off with a look at the HGs reacting to the nominees for Week 4. After that, the Kings meet in the HOH to talk about whether Whitney or Hannah should be the target this week. SB really wants to target Hannah this week, but ultimately Christian wants Whitney to be the target. SB is not happy about this decision, but she knows if she pushes too hard that it will put a target on her back.

Christian talks to Hannah and tells her that she is just a pawn this week and Whitney is his target. She tells us that she knows better than to be too comfortable and plans to fight hard for this week’s POV. Meanwhile, Xavier tells Whitney that the reason she is on the block is that everyone told Christian that Whitney was going to target a King if she won HOH.

Whitney goes to talk to Christian because she feels like she is being used as a scapegoat. She tells Christian that she never said Christian’s name. In her DR, she tells us that literally, everyone said that a King needed to go home, but her name is the only one that has been mentioned saying it.

We get a look at Christian doing backflip burpees in the backyard while SB and Britini cheer him on. Then we see as Azah gets jealous over Whitney spending too much time with Xavier. Azah then tells Xavier that she feels like she’s in middle school because she has a crush on him and she feels ridiculous for getting jealous of Whitney. He tells us that Operation No-mance is still a go and he has no intentions of changing that.

DX talks to Whitney and Hannah and tells us that he would really love to keep both of his teammates this week. Hannah asks DX if he would play in the veto if she gets HG choice. DX talks to Alyssa and Alyssa tells her that Hannah’s best bet is to pick him to play if she gets HG Choice, but does mention that if he wins, he’s going to probably ask DX not to use it to ensure that Whitney goes home this week. He tells us he has a hard choice to make if he gets picked and then wins.

It’s time to pick players for the POV! Christian pulls Claire’s name, Hannah pulls a HG Choice chip and she chooses DX to play, and Whitney pulls Azah’s name. After the players were picked, SB says that she is going to be the only person in the house that isn’t going to play in the POV. Tiffany then goes to Hannah and tells her that SB is really smart and then gives her a heads up that SB was pushing for her (H) to be the target this week. This lights a fire under Hannah to win this POV.

In this week’s POV Competition, the HGs will be playing volleyball against themselves. They will have to roll a volleyball over the net through a plastic track, run under the net, and get to the other side before their ball hits the ground. They get a point for every time their ball goes over the net, but if their ball drops, their score will reset. First player to 100 points wins.

Azah takes an early lead in this comp and SB tells us that she is secretly rooting for Whitney to win. Hannah and Whitney are both having issues keeping their ball from hitting the ground. DX tells us that he is trying to go a little bit slower so that he doesn’t drop his ball, but Christian has the opposite strat. Azah is leaving the way pretty late into the comp.

DX pulls ahead of Azah and Christian realizes that he is still behind both of them so he starts going even faster. Unfortunately for Azah, the next time she goes under her net, she falls and so does her ball. At one point, Christian is up to 52, DX is at 43, and Hannah is at 20. All it takes is one person dropping their ball. Unfortunately for Hannah, she drops hers.

DX knows that if he doesn’t speed things up a bit, he isn’t going to catch up with Christian. At this point, DX is hoping for Christian to drop his ball, but Christian doesn’t and is able to get to 100 points before DX. DX really wanted to win this POV so that he could have some control over the outcome of the week.

We then get a look at the HGs talking about Have-Nots for next week and DX points out that the only HGs that will be able to do HNs next week are him and Hannah. Whitney was just around the corner and comes out and says “what if I’m still here?” and DX knows he messed up.

Whitney talks to Christian and tries to point him in the direction of DX. She tries to paint him as a target and then promises Christian that she wants to work with him. Christian tells us that the last thing he wants to do is miss an opportunity to take out his biggest competition. However at the POV Ceremony, he decides that he is not going to take a shot at his alliance member and keeps his nominations the same.

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