Christian put Hannah and Whitney on the block this week on Big Brother 23 and then went on to win this week’s Power of Veto competition to lock in his nominees. Tonight, we will watch as the rest of the houseguests vote to evict either Hannah or Whitney from the Big Brother house. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021! Later, look for our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG won the endurance HOH competition to kick off week 5!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at a conversation between Tiffany and Hannah. Tiffany is telling Hannah about how SB was pushing for Hannah to be the target this week when the Queens met with the Kings. When SB comes into the room, the conversation switches to how they miss their families back home.

SB and Kyland are talking in the gym and she mentions how she feels that people are throwing her under the bus. Kyland tells her that he hasn’t heard her name come out of anyone’s mouth. We then get a look at the two of them talking about how close they are and how they love their friendship. Kyland even tells us that if it ever came down to him having to choose between SB and the Cookout, he would pick SB.

We then get a look at Tiffany bringing a plan to Kyland about how to get the Cookout to F6. She tells him that they have to bring their closest allies outside of the cookout to F11 in order to get there. Since there are more of the Cookout members than the close allies outside of the alliance, they would always control the vote.

We get a look at Christian trying to recreate a walk that DF does, but he is failing miserably. The rest of the HGs are getting a pretty good laugh about it though. After a good laugh, we get a look at Tiffany saying good morning to Kyland, SB, and Xavier who are talking, but they didn’t hear her. She gets upset about being ignored the second time she said good morning to them. Kyland tries to resolve the issue, but she tells him it’s not his issue to resolve because he wasn’t the only one who ignored her.

Azah comes up with this plan for next week and goes to Tiffany with it. She suggests to Tiffany that if one of the Jokers wins HOH, they would put a Queen up next to a King and the Queens would be able to put a Joker up against a King if one of them wins the HOH. If a King comes down, they get replaces by another King so they are guaranteed to get a King out next week. Tiffany likes the plan but then talks switch to Hannah and how Azah doesn’t really trust Hannah.

We then get a look at Whitney telling Alyssa that Hannah told her the only reason she (H) talks game with Christian is that she can manipulate him. He takes that as Hannah not respecting his game and now he is wondering if Hannah should go sooner than he anticipated.

It is time for the live vote and eviction on Big Brother 23! Here is how the votes landed after the nominees delivered their eviction speeches:

  • Derek F – Whitney
  • Britini – Whitney
  • Azah – Whitney
  • Kyland – Whitney
  • Alyssa – Whitney
  • Sarah Beth – Whitney
  • Claire – Whitney
  • Derek X – Whitney
  • Tiffany – Whitney
  • Xavier – Whitney

By a vote of 10-0, Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Now it’s time to reveal to the HGs that the team twist and the Wildcard Competition that went with it, is over! After that, the HGs will start this week’s endurance competition for this week’s Head of Household spot. Who do you want to see win this week? If you don’t want to wait until Sunday night to find out who wins tonight’s HOH competition, check out my live results post right here!

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