Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will see how the Week 5 Head of Household competition played out after the show aired on Thursday night. After a new HOH is named on Big Brother 2021, we will find out who will be put on the block for eviction. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out who won, check out my Big Brother spoilers right here!

We start tonight’s episode where we left off with the HGs on the wall comp! Derek F is the first to fall within the first 10 minutes of the competition. The houseguests are getting rained on, slimed and the wall is tilting. Claire drops at 29 minutes knowing that she doesn’t have to win this because she is already safe this week. Sarah Beth and Hannah both fall at the 42 minute mark.

Kyland is the next person to lose his grip and fall off the wall at 56 minutes in. Britini tells us that she is sick of being a pawn in this game and really wants to win this comp to keep herself safe. At 64 minutes in, she falls off the wall. Azah is the next one to fall 75 minutes into the competition because she lost her grip. They are down to Alyssa, Derek X, Tiffany, and Xavier.

Tiffany slips a minute later at 76 minutes in and she is so upset with herself. Xavier looks at DX and asks him without anyone hearing if they want to drop. DX yells “c’mon X, you got this” and then Alyssa starts trying to make deals with him to drop, but he isn’t budging. He promises Alyssa that she won’t see the block and she falls at 80 minutes into this competition leaving DX and Xavier on the wall to battle it out. Alyssa is upset that DX didn’t throw it to her because she really wanted the win.

Xavier starts trying to make deals with DX and DX tells Xavier that he has already had it once. Xavier tells us that it’s officially time for him to throw this competition, but first, he needs to make sure he is safe. At 83 minutes into the comp, DX promises Xavier that he won’t put him up and Xavier falls from the wall. Xavier tells us that he got himself safe, but hopes that he can get the rest of the former Kings safe too. He asks DX if he can do that, but DX doesn’t answer him.

DX tells us that this week is going to be tough for him as far as picking what move to make. He mentions being able to take a shot at the former Jokers or he can take a shot at the former Kings. Meanwhile, Hannah is telling us that her plan is to be in DX’s ear all week and mentions that SB has mentioned her name and Christian put her on the block last week.

The former Kings talk and Xavier tells Christian that he talked to DX and he said he wouldn’t put any of the former Kings on the block. That’s not what DX is telling Tiffany in the other room though and DX is telling us that Christian is his biggest threat in the house. Tiffany, Hannah, and DX are talking in the bathroom and DX talks about wanting to take a shot at Christian and Tiffany mentions the Royal Flush in front of Hannah who isn’t in the alliance. As soon as Tiffany leaves the room, Hannah asks what the Royal Flush is and he tells her. He plays it off like a fake alliance that Christian and Alyssa came to him about.

We then get a look at Hannah asking Tiffany about the Royal Flush alliance and Tiffany asks her if it was something that Christian or Alyssa put together. Tiffany asks if DX told her about the RF, but Hannah looks at her and says “no, you did”. Tiffany is kicking herself for saying something in front of Hannah but also plays it off like it was a fake alliance.

We get a look at DF talking to Azah about her facial expressions and how she needs to start smiling more and she starts walking around the house with a fake smile on her face.

DX talks to Xavier and clarifies that the only deal he made with Xavier was to keep himself safe, not the rest of the former Kings. This confuses Xavier because the rest of the former Kings are still in the Royal Flush which DX is a part of. We then get a look at SB’s talk with DX where she tells him that she would be upset if he put her up as a pawn. DX knows that putting SB up as a pawn will do more harm than good to his game.

DX does all his one-on-ones with his fellow HGs and after speaking with them, he talks to Hannah. Hannah is pushing for SB to be put up as a pawn because SB could potentially go after him. His plan is to BD Christian, but if SB went home that wouldn’t be bad for his game either. Now it’s time for him to make a huge decision. Who does he put up as pawns this week?

It is time to find out! DX decides to nominate Britini and Sarah Beth this week on Big Brother 23. He tells them that in this game, the number one currency you have in this house is trust and this is the best move in order for him to keep that trust.

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