Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will find out if Derek X goes through with backdooring Christian after Britini removes herself from the chopping block. After that, we will get a look at both noms fight for their Big Brother life before their fellow houseguests lock in their votes to evict. Keep refreshing this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode and be on the lookout for my Big Brother spoilers after a new HOH is crowned!

We start tonight’s episode off with the Veto Ceremony where Britini pulled herself off the block and Derek X went through with backdooring Christian by naming him the replacement nominee. Needless to say, Christian isn’t happy about this at all. However, Sarah Beth is feeling pretty good about sitting next to him on Eviction Night.

Christian hits the ground running with his campaign and starts throwing SB under the bus with DX right off the bus. Christian tells DX that they are each other’s shields in this game and it’s in DX’s best interest if Christian stays in the house.

We are getting a look at Claire and Kyland’s punishment costumes. For an entire week, Claire has to wear a card-itard and when prompted, she has to play a game of 52 card pickup by herself in whatever room they tell her to.

Kyland is the Jackass of Clubs and will have to wear a donkey costume and make club sandwiches for whoever the King wants. The first round of sandwiches goes to everyone in the house.

Christian talks to Tiffany and she tells Christian that she plans to vote with the house so that she doesn’t find herself on the wrong side of the vote. Christian says that Tiffany and Claire are the majority with Alyssa, Xavier, Britini, and DF. She knows that he doesn’t have Britini and DF’s votes though and that annoys her.

Tiffany goes to talk to Azah and Britini and tells Britini that she should tell Christian that she isn’t voting for him. She adds that if Britini doesn’t tell Christian that, then she is going to be forced to tell Christian that he doesn’t have Britini’s vote. Derek F is not happy with her plan to blow up their game.

He wants to tell everyone in the Cookout that he doesn’t want to be part of this alliance anymore. Azah begs him not to do that, but he is not happy at all with Tiffany’s actions.

We get a look at Tiffany telling Christian that not one of the Jokers, regardless of what they say, is voting to keep Christian. Tiffany tells him that if he had those votes, she would vote to keep him. He still thinks he has Britini and DF, but Tiffany tells him that they are flip-floppers. She tells Christian that she is conflicted and he gave her a lot to think about.

Tiffany goes to Xavier to talk to him about trying to flip the vote and get Christian out. However, Xavier tells Tiffany that if Tiffany is on board with keeping him, they only need two more votes. Xavier thinks they should start with Claire and Britini.

Tiffany starts with Claire and after talking to Tiffany, Claire is on board with flipping so Tiffany has Christian go get Britini. Christian goes to get Britini and she is in the room with Azah and DF. Azah asks who is looking for Britini and Christian tells them that Tiffany is looking for her. Azah and DF go up to the HOH room with her to make sure that nothing fishy happens. Tiffany wasn’t happy with this at all and told Britini that they would just talk later.

It is time for the live vote and eviction on Big Brother 23! Here is how the votes landed:

  • Hannah – Christian
  • Kyland – Christian
  • Xavier – Sarah Beth
  • Alyssa – Sarah Beth
  • Britini – Christian
  • Derek F – Christian
  • Tiffany – Christian
  • Claire – Christian
  • Azah – Christian

With a vote of 7-2, Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Now that Christian has been evicted, it’s time for Julie to tell the HGs that they are all at least in Jury. She then decides to announce the newest twist on Big Brother 23! Julie tells them that there are three unique casino games. They will need BB Bucks to play these games and that’s where America comes into play!

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