Head of Household, High Roller’s Room and Noms, oh my! Lots going on tonight on Big Brother 23 and it’s all going to start with a look at the HOH competition that kicked off Week 6 of Big Brother 2021! If you have missed out on any of the action so far in the week and you don’t want to wait to find out, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details now. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s brand new episode of Big Brother!

We started tonight’s episode off with this week’s HOH competition! In this competition, they will have to face off at the podium and listen to the song. They will then have to identify whether the song was about an HOH, Wildcard, or Veto competition before the houseguest next to them. The winner of each round picks the next two HGs to face off. Here is how the rounds went:

  1. Britini vs Claire – Claire was eliminated
  2. Kyland vs Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth was eliminated
  3. Britini vs Azah – Britini was eliminated
  4. Kyland vs Alyssa – Alyssa was eliminated
  5. Azah vs Derek F – Derek F was eliminated
  6. Tiffany vs Hannah – Hannah was eliminated
  7. Azah vs Kyland – Azah was eliminated
  8. Xavier vs Tiffany – Xavier was eliminated
  9. Kyland vs Tiffany – Tiffany was eliminated

With that final round win, Kyland has won this week’s HOH competition. He tried to throw the competition but Tiffany answered the last question incorrectly. Azah is super annoyed with Kyland right now because he was supposed to throw her the comp, but didn’t and she knows that Britini is probably going up.

DF is telling Kyland that he needs to be smart this week because everyone in the house is seeing him and SB as a duo and everyone wants her out. Kyland talks about how this HOH is going to be so much harder than his last one.

Tiffany is telling Xavier that she knows that there is a chance that Claire might be leaving this week and she’s not happy about it. She says that there are some people outside of the Cookout that she is closer to than some of the people inside the Cookout.

Azah is making Kyland explain himself and then cuts him off and tells him that she doesn’t feel like she is being heard. She tells him that she would like for him to fully hear her before going into these long explanations. He tells her that they both need to drop their attitudes and reset before continuing their conversation. Which they do. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting the rest of the conversation to be civil at all, but they get through the rest of it and Azah was able to get her point across but she doesn’t like his answers.

Kyland talks to Claire to find out how she is feeling this week and she brings up the possibility of a Joker or Xavier as options. What Claire doesn’t know is that she just mentioned 3 of his alliance members and now Kyland isn’t sure if they can keep her around.

Ky talks to DF and they discuss the options for targets. DF tells Ky that Britini is completely lost in this game so he isn’t worried about her. They talk about Claire and Alyssa as better options. DF talks about putting SB up as a pawn, but he doesn’t want to do that. Ky wonders if he should go to Azah and ask her if she would prefer to be a pawn or if she would like Britini to be put up as a pawn. DF tells him that Britini won’t take it well and will probably go rogue and Azah is too emotional. Kyland asks DF if he would be willing to be a pawn and DF agrees to help Ky out.

It is now time for the Nomination Ceremony. Kyland has decided to nominate Claire and Derek F for eviction. He tells them both that actions taken during this week’s HOH made him re-evaluate where he was in the house and he wishes them both the best of luck in the POV. DF is playing up the pawn role and Claire says that she needs to get herself off the block this week.

It is time to find out who got what in BB Bucks and who decided to take part in this week’s High Roller Room activity! They will have to pay 50 BB Bucks to bet on a POV player for a chance to win a second Veto. For 125 BB Bucks, they can take a nominee off the block and a roulette wheel will determine who will be the replacement. For 250 BB Bucks they can overthrow the HOH with a flip of a coin, if an HG plays this and calls it correctly, the HOH will be theirs!

The only power available this week is Veto Derby because the most BB Bucks awarded this week is 100, but they are told that they will be able to earn more BB Bucks throughout the week.

It is time to find out how many BB Bucks and whether or not that HG has chosen to play in the Veto Derby:

  1. Sarah Beth – 50 Bucks and she chooses to play and earns 4 points
  2. Hannah – 75 BB Bucks and she chooses not to play
  3. Xavier – 75 BB Bucks and he chooses not to play
  4. Britini – 100 BB Bucks and she chooses not to play
  5. Azah – 50 BB Bucks and she chooses not to play
  6. Alyssa – 50 BB Bucks and she chooses not to play
  7. Kyland – 50 BB Bucks and he chooses to play and earns 9 points
  8. Tiffany – 75 BB Bucks and she chooses to play and earns 0 points
  9. Derek X – 100 BB Bucks and he chooses not to play
  10. Derek F – 100 BB Bucks and he chooses to play and earns 5 points
  11. Claire – 50 BB Bucks and she chooses to play and earns 4 points

The competition part of this is to slide three mint juleps down a lane and add up all the number spaces they land on for a point total. We then watch as the HGs learned who played and where they landed on the leaderboard

  1. Kyland – 9
  2. DF – 5
  3. Claire – 4
  4. SB – 4 (Claire had a faster time)

These four houseguests will have the opportunity to place bets on players in this week’s POV in the order they landed on the leaderboard. Kyland is excited that he gets to pick first after the POV Players are picked. Because Tiffany earned no points, she will not be able to place any bets.

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