Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will get more information about this week’s High Roller’s Room twist and how that will affect this week’s OTEV Power of Veto competition. Refresh this page frequently to get all the details including which houseguests will join Kyland, Claire, and Derek F for OTEV and who won the POV for Week 6 of Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

We start tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with a description of how this week’s twist will work. Remember, the HGs that played in last week’s High Roller’s Room comp will be able to bet on a player in the Veto and if their player wins, they will win a second POV. The only player that played but won’t be able to place a bet is Tiffany because she failed to score any points.

We then get a look at a conversation between Derek F and Kyland where DF is trying to figure out who Kyland’s target is this week. There really is no way of knowing for sure with the way that Kyland is talking, but DF knows that he is a pawn this week therefore as of now, Claire is Kyland’s target.

DF is talking to Azah and playing up his “I’m the target” role in the house and Azah tells us that she really thought that Britini would be Kyland’s target this week and that Azah would be on the block next to her. Britini is hoping that she or Azah can play in this week’s POV so that DF can bet on one of them to win the POV and get a second one for himself.

Tiffany is trying to figure out a way to save Claire this week and talks to Kyland. Kyland tells Tiffany that he is fine with Alyssa, Claire, or Britini going this week. Kyland tells Tiffany that Claire’s targets are what scares him and he tells Tiffany that Claire named the former Jokers and Xavier. Tiffany tells Kyland that she would be able to steer Claire away from the Cookout, but Tiffany mentions that she is most worried about Britini.

After his conversation with Tiffany, Kyland is feeling better about keeping Claire around one more week but says that no one really knows where Britini’s head is at so he has to see how this POV comp plays out. It’s time to pick POV players! Kyland pulls Alyssa’s name, Claire pulls Azah’s name, and Derek F pulls a HGs choice and chooses Britini to play in this week’s POV. All three Jokers are playing in this week’s POV which increases DF’s chances of being taken off the block.

Before the High Roller’s Room competitors bet on who they think will win POV, the HGs get a hint on this week’s POV Comp and find out that it’s OTEV! Kyland places his bet first and bets on Alyssa, Derek F bets on Britini, Claire bets on Kyland, and Sarah Beth bets on Azah!

It’s time for OTEV! In this season’s OTEV competition, the HGs will have to find OTEV’s jelly with the names of two evicted HGs that best fit OTEV’s statement/question. Here is who was eliminated each round of OTEV:

  1. Derek F is eliminated
  2. Azah is eliminated (after giving Britini the Jelly jar with the correct answer)
  3. Britini is eliminated
  4. Claire is eliminated
  5. Kyland threw the last round

Kyland chose to throw the comp to Alyssa because she told him she would do whatever he wants her to do. He didn’t want Claire to save herself, he wants to save her and gain trust with her. Claire knows that Kyland threw this competition and she isn’t happy about it at all. With Alyssa’s win, she and Kyland both won a Power of Veto.

Claire and Kyland’s punishments are both over and then Kyland goes to talk to SB and asks her who she would vote out if noms stayed the same and she said DF. Kyland asks who she would vote out if he changed the noms and she tells him Britini because she would come after them.

Kyland tells DF the plan and DF says that he wishes Britini was sitting next to someone other than him. He tells Kyland that DX also worries him and if he stays in the game much longer it will be bad for the Cookout. Kyland tells us that he doesn’t want to go after his friend, but he also doesn’t want his emotions to cloud his judgment.

Kyland asks SB to talk to Britini before the Veto Ceremony and give her a heads up about being put up. She does so and prior to the Veto Ceremony, Britini pulls Kyland aside to talk to him. He tells her that she is an unpredictable variable and she asks him about the deal that they made. By the end of the conversation, Britini is sure that she is going on the block and goes outside with the rest of the HGs while Alyssa and Kyland prepare for the Veto Ceremony.

Will Kyland put Britini up? If you want to know what happened at this week’s POV Ceremony, find out right here!

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