Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as Sarah Beth picks two fellow houseguests to nominate for eviction. Then we will find out how many BB Bucks each houseguest was given as a result of this week’s America’s vote. Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait, you can find out who was nominated and more by checking out my Big Brother spoilers!

We get a look at everyone’s reaction to Britini’s eviction and Sarah Beth’s Head of Household win. Most of the HGs didn’t want SB to win, but Kyland thinks that he can control her targets this week. Azah is pretty upset about Britini’s eviction and she says that if it wasn’t for the Cookout Alliance, she would have taken Britini to F2 with her. Tiffany comes in and talks to Azah about SB winning HOH and how she is likely to target Tiffany, Azah, Hannah, or Derek F this week.

DF and Xavier talk about SB winning and how DX should be her number one priority this week. DF is not feeling really good right now and really doesn’t want to be a pawn this week.

Meanwhile, Alyssa is talking to DX and trying to see how he is feeling. He isn’t feeling completely comfortable because he put SB on the block when he was HOH. They start talking about the chopping block roulette and how they don’t want to go up because it lands on them.

We are now getting a look at a disagreement between DF and Tiffany about DF not trusting her to talk to Britini alone. DF is trying to apologize to her for not coming and talking to her earlier, but she is yelling at him. She tells him not to apologize if he didn’t mean it. I want to add that this conversation actually took place inside the house on Wednesday night and she was yelling so loud that some of the HGs were sitting outside the door listening in.

We get a look at SB talking to Kyland about her lack of relationship with Alyssa and Xavier. She tells Kyland that she wants to make sure that her noms put two people up who will force the power to be used and make sure that whoever is taken down isn’t a target.

SB starts her one on ones and talks to Alyssa about playing in this week’s twist and Alyssa tells her she would play it if she wanted her to. Claire doesn’t have any BB Bucks. She talks to DX and DF about the power too. DX tells her he would rather save his money for the coin next week and DF played it off like he wasn’t going to have enough to play the roulette this week since everyone knows he played last week.

DX and Claire are talking about how every time Xavier’s name is mentioned in front of Tiffany she gets weird. They talk about how they are probably working together and DX says that he could see DF, Hannah, and Kyland working with them too.

SB and Kyland are talking in the HOH and she tells him that she feels like the two of them are on everyone’s radar. They then talk about taking out a big target that would come after Kyland and DX’s name came up. SB doesn’t want to put DX up at the Noms Ceremony though because she is worried that he will play and win and be safe this week. SB goes over a few options for pawns and mentions Claire and DF or DF and Azah.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. SB has decided to nominate Derek F and Claire this week on Big Brother 23. She tells them that this week is complicated because of the Chopping Block Roulette and says that it isn’t personal. Claire says that she never wants to be on the block, but with the twist and the veto there are a lot of chances for her to be taken down. Claire tells Tiffany that she isn’t stressing it just yet.

Hannah and DX are talking and Hannah tells him that she is going to play this week and he should save his BB Bucks until next week. She tells us that even though DX leaving this week isn’t what’s best for her game, her main allegiances are to the Cookout and they need as many non-cookout members available for renom options this week.

It is time for the High Roller’s Room to open for Week 7 of Big Brother 23. Here is how much BB Bucks each HG got and if they decided to play in Chopping Block Roulette:

  1. Claire – 100 BB Bucks and she doesn’t have enough to play
  2. Azah – 50 BB Bucks and she doesn’t have enough to play
  3. Hannah – 75 BB Bucks and she decided not to play
  4. Xavier – 75 BB Bucks and he decided not to play
  5. Sarah Beth – 50 BB Bucks and she doesn’t have enough to play
  6. Tiffany – 50 BB Bucks and she doesn’t have enough to play
  7. Alyssa – 75 BB Bucks and she decides to play and scores 19
  8. Kyland – 50 BB Bucks and he doesn’t have enough to play
  9. Derek F – 100 BB Bucks and he decides not to play
  10. Derek X – 100 BB Bucks and he decides not to play

The people who played this week were kept a secret, the only person revealed was the person who won which was Alyssa. Alyssa decides to take DF off the block so that whoever is on the block on Thursday has a fighting chance. She just hopes that Xavier doesn’t end up nominated in his place. Alyssa spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball and it lands on Xavier’s face on the wheel. Alyssa is extremely upset over this, but Claire and Xavier are not stressing it at all knowing that there is still a Veto to be played.

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