Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as Tiffany chooses which two houseguests she wants to nominate for eviction. Then, we will watch as the Big Brother 2021 houseguests find out how many BB Bucks they got from America’s vote and from their envelopes. If you don’t want to wait to find out what happens, feel free to check out my Big Brother spoilers to find out. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s show as it happens!

We started tonight’s episode right where we left off with Tiffany, Claire, Hannah, and Azah all celebrating Tiffany’s HOH win in the Storage Room. After we watch Alyssa and Xavier are talking to Sarah Beth and SB is still under the impression that they are all working together. However, unless SB wins the Coin of Destiny, they have every intention of sending SB home this week.

Tiffany talks to Kyland and she tells him that she asks him who he thinks should go up? He tells her that it should be him and SB. He tells us that he doesn’t want to go on the block, but he is at a point where he can’t protect SB without putting the Cookout in jeopardy.

We get a look at Hannah and Tiffany talking and Hannah is feeling pretty guilty for sending Derek X out of the house last week. Tiffany tells her that they are all going to go through it. Hannah and Tiffany agree that DX is an amazing person, but Hannah isn’t sure that DX will forgive her. She tells us that if it wasn’t for the Cookout, DX would have been her number one in the house.

Tiffany talks to Derek about the Coin of Destiny and she tells him that there are other HGs that might have the opportunity to play since they all got those envelopes. She messes with Derek a little and makes him think that he might end up on the block. She even makes a joke and asks him if his bags are still packed.

Tiffany talks to Sarah Beth and she tells her that she is still very emotional since SB send DX out last week. Tiffany makes it very clear that DX leaving last week made her feel like she had her legs chopped off in this game. SB tells Tiffany that she didn’t realize that sending DX out would affect her that way. She tells us, that she knew that sending DX out would weaken Tiffany’s game and she did it for that reason and others.

It’s time to take a look at Tiffany’s HOH room reveal where she got a letter from Mama Pat (Tiffany’s grandmother who raised her) and her son, Christian. After, SB sticks around to talk to Tiffany a little more since she got the vibe that Tiffany was going to target SB and Kyland from their earlier conversation. SB throws Alyssa under the bus with Tiffany and she had Tiffany double thinking her target this week.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony for Week 8. Xavier is automatically a third nominee after he chose the third nominee punishment in last week’s Power of Veto. Tiffany then nominated Kyland and Sarah Beth and she told them that they make up a very powerful duo in the house and this week she has to make an optimal move in order to further herself in the game.

Kyland knew he was going up and SB seems to be pretty optimistic about her chances of coming down this week. SB talks to Tiffany after the noms and Tiffany implies that Kyland is her target. She tells SB that she is up there because Tiffany knows that she would protect him if she wasn’t.

It is time for the High Roller’s Room to open again. This week, the HGs will be going for the Coin of Destiny which will force the current HOH to a coin flip for their right to stay the HOH. If the current HOH loses the coin flip, she will be dethroned but will be safe for the week. The HG that wins the coin flip will act as a secret HOH for the week.

Here is how many BB Bucks each HG got in their envelope and from America and whether they had enough to play for the Coin of Destiny:

  • Azah – 100 total and she doesn’t have enough
  • Xavier – 125 total and he doesn’t have enough
  • Alyssa – 175 total and she doesn’t have enough
  • Hannah – 150 total but she chooses not to play in the Coin of Destiny
  • Kyland – 150 total and he doesn’t have enough
  • Tiffany – 150 total and she doesn’t have enough
  • Sarah Beth – 150 total and she doesn’t have enough
  • Derek – 175 total plus 100 from the Veto last week, he decides to play, but throws it (I’m confused) and gets 1 point
  • Claire – 150 total, she decides to play and gets 3 points

The HGs were called to the dining room and they are told that there was a winner with a score of 3, which was Claire’s score. Now it’s time to flip the coin! After playing for the Coin of Destiny, Claire chose heads and Tiffany flips the coin. When it lands on the floor the coin lands on heads which means that Claire has dethroned Tiffany as the HOH.

Now it’s time to find out who the secret HOH’s nominees are this week! The first nominee is Kyland and the second is Sarah Beth. Xavier is also still on the block as the third nominee.

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