It is time for another Power of Veto Competition on Big Brother 23! Tonight we will watch as the POV players are picked, the competition is played and the Veto Ceremony takes place on Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait to see what happens, you can find out by checking out my Big Brother spoilers from Week 8!

We get a look at the aftermath of the Coin of Destiny. Kyland tells us that he knew this was happening because he knew there was a plan for Claire to win it and keep noms the same. Meanwhile, Sarah Beth is pretty upset that she is still on the block next to Kyland.

Tiffany goes up to the HOH room to pack her things and Hannah and Claire follow her up. Tiffany tells Claire that she really wants to let the house know that Tiffany played and dethroned herself. That way Claire could stay off the radar and Tiffany can take the heat, but Claire isn’t sure if Tiffany taking the credit for this is what’s best for her game.

Kyland is consoling SB who is crying about being nominated by an anonymous HOH. He tells us that it’s hard to see someone you care about in so much pain. He tells her that she just has to go and win the Veto. She tells him it doesn’t matter because if one of them is on the block, they are going home. He tells her that’s not necessarily true, but she reminds him that someone had a secret chance to make a big move and still chose to nominate them.

It is time to pick players for the Veto. We find out that only the three nominees will be picking players this week. Xavier goes first and pulls Alyssa’s chip, SB pulls Claire’s chip, and Kyland pulls Hannah’s chip. You can tell that SB is not thrilled about this player draw. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Claire are talking and Claire is still trying to figure out if the house thinking Tiffany is the HOH is what’s best for her game or not.

It’s time for the POV competition, but first, the HGs get a special message from Ben Platt. He tells the HGs that not only will they be competing for the Veto this week, but they will also be competing for an advance screening of his new movie Dear Evan Hansen. In this comp, the HGs will have to put 10 posters in chronological order the quickest. Here is each HGs time:

  • Kyland – 5:25
  • Claire – 6:27
  • Alyssa – 8:14
  • Hannah – 4:59
  • Xavier – 8:29
  • Sarah Beth – 5:22

With a time of 4:59, Hannah has won the Power of Veto! SB is really upset that she didn’t pull out the win especially because she was only 23 seconds behind Hannah. SB wonders if they can convince Hannah to take Kyland off the block because with him off the block, there is still a shot at getting Xavier evicted.

It’s time for Hannah to choose the three houseguests she wishes to bring to the movie with her. She chooses to take the three nominees with her to the movie. Derek is a little upset that he can’t go watch the movie. Meanwhile, Hannah, SB, Kyland, and Xavier head up to the HOH room to watch Dear Evan Hansen. Xavier mentions that this movie has a lot of great messages in it, one of the biggest being “it’s okay to not be okay” and he admits that he has struggled with this in the past. All four of them were super emotional watching this movie.

Kyland talks to Claire about the Veto and he wants to get an idea of how Claire would feel if the Veto was used on him. Claire told him that it was ultimately up to Hannah since she was the one who won it. Claire then tells Tiffany who is super annoyed at the fact that Kyland told her to put him up next to SB but now is pushing for the Veto to be used on him like he doesn’t trust the Cookout.

Kyland is talking to Hannah about the Veto and whether or not there is a chance of her using it on him. Kyland tells Hannah that he would really like to come off the block so that he can throw a pity vote to SB, but Hannah tells us that doesn’t make any sense to her at all. In fact, she thinks that he is trying to come down so he can flip the house and get SB to stay this week.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting and Hannah decides to use the Veto on Xavier and because Xavier is the third nominee as punishment, there will be no replacement nominee named.

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