We will start tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with a look at the aftermath of this week’s Power of Veto competition. Sarah Beth and Kyland will have a chance to talk to their fellow Big Brother 2021 houseguests and pitch to them why they think they should stay. By the end of tonight’s episode of Big Brother, either Kyland or Sarah Beth will become the third member of this season’s Jury. Keep refreshing this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother as it happens!

If you have missed any of the action from inside the Big Brother house, make sure you check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up before tonight’s episode begins!

We started tonight’s episode off with Alyssa, Xavier, and Claire talking outside and Alyssa makes a comment about how if SB goes to Jury this week, Claire will be the last white person in the house. Alyssa also mentions that there isn’t a single white male in the Jury house either. Xavier goes inside and talks to himself about how Alyssa might have to go next week after making comments like that.

We then get a look at Tiffany and Claire cooking dinner and Derek and Hannah laying on the hammock and Tiffany sitting next to it. Derek got spooked by a bug, jumps out of the hammock, Hannah falls out of the hammock and cracks her head. Meanwhile, Claire and Azah are inside the house and all of a sudden, the oven is on fire. It was a crazy night in the Big Brother house.

After seeing the Cookout in one room for the first time all season, the guys in the Cookout are in the HN room talking about who they should bring to the F3. They would like to see all of them in the F3, Kyland doesn’t trust that Derek wants to bring them. Derek tells us that he knows that Kyland and Xavier aren’t bringing each other either.

Kyland then talks to Tiffany and Tiffany mentions that they have to get Derek out at F6. Kyland tells us that his true F2 is with Tiffany, but he respects Xavier’s game and trusts him too. Tiffany tells us that Kyland bringing her to F2 works in her favor, but she wouldn’t actually take him to F2, she would take Hannah.

It’s time to get a look at the Jury house! Britini is there and she is super surprised to see Derek X. She tells him that she is happy to see him but sorry that he’s here with her. They look at the video of the week including him losing the HOH by .01 seconds. The roulette putting Xavier on the block. Xavier winning the POV and Derek X being put up in his place. He shares that his good-bye messages and how Kyland told him he was working with a large group of people. DX tells us that he thinks that Kyland, Xavier, Azah, and Tiffany were all working together and were shielded by their duos. He’s almost figured it out!

It’s time for the live vote and eviction! Let’s find out where the votes land:

  • Derek – Sarah Beth
  • Claire – Sarah Beth (Her vote will only count if there is a tie)
  • Alyssa – Sarah Beth
  • Tiffany – Kyland (out of sympathy for SB)
  • Azah – Sarah Beth
  • Hannah – Sarah Beth
  • Xavier – Sarah Beth

By a vote of 5-1 Sarah Beth has officially become the third member of the Big Brother 23 Jury. In two of her goodbye messages, Kyland tells her that he never lied to her when he said that he would take her as far as he could in this game. He tells her that unfortunately, the secret alliance he was in wouldn’t allow him to take her any further. Azah tells her that she had to be okay with her leaving this week in order for her to move forward in a mission that is very near and dear to her heart.

It is time to kick off this week’s HOH competition! In this comp, the houseguests will be standing on disks and the last person standing will win HOH. Claire will compete in this comp, but she knows that she has to throw this week’s HOH competition. The HGs are also told that the first three HGs to fall will also be Have-Nots this week. Join me over on my HOH spoilers post for all the details of this week’s HOH competition after the show goes off the air!

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