Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch the Head of Household for Week 9 play out and find out which of the houseguests will rise to power this week. After that, we will see which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction on Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait to find out what has happened so far this week, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, refresh this page often for all the details of tonight’s episode as it airs!

We started tonight’s episode off where we ended Thursday’s episode, with the HGs holding onto dear life in the HOH competition. Derek is the first HG to fall after less than two minutes. Azah is telling us how much she would like to win this competition. Meanwhile, Alyssa is telling us that she is getting really dizzy and every time she hits the elephant, she gets dizzier and dizzier. After about six minutes, Alyssa falls and joins Derek on the sidelines. Claire falls at about 18 minutes and is the third and final Have-Not for Week 9.

We get a glimpse of a conversation between Hannah, Derek, and Azah talking earlier last week about who should go next out of Alyssa and Claire. The ideal situation for them would be for Azah, Derek, or Kyland to win because the three of them have ligament reasons to target both of them. Tiffany, however, shouldn’t win this week’s comp because she can’t put Claire up.

Back at the HOH competition, Hannah drops at about 20 minutes in, and Xavier drops a minute later leaving Azah, Kyland, and Tiffany in the comp. Azah is slipping off her disc and eventually loses her footing at 23 minutes in. This leaves Kyland and Tiffany in the comp and Tiffany is supposed to drop, but she isn’t going to give Kyland a third HOH.

The Cookout members on the sideline are all wondering why Tiffany hasn’t dropped yet and Xavier tells us that it’s raising a lot of red flags for him. 36 minutes into the competition, Kyland decides that Tiffany isn’t going to drop so he dropped himself. After the comp, he tells us that he really doesn’t understand why Tiffany went rogue this week.

The HGs get back into the house and Kyland is clearly irritated with Tiffany for making this choice to win. Azah says she is in an awkward situation because she is happy that Tiffany is HOH, but the plan was for Claire to go this week. She says that with Tiffany as HOH, she knows Claire won’t hit the block.

Xavier talks to Alyssa after the comp and while they are talking, he tells us in the DR that he is frustrated because now that Tiffany is HOH, he knows that he and Alyssa are going up. Kyland talks to Tiffany and she tells him that she mentioned several times that she wanted it, but he says he didn’t hear her say that (she didn’t). Tiffany doesn’t seem to care that the rest of the Cookout is upset with her though. She has been celebrating since her win.

Derek is having a hard time dealing with the lack of comps designed for a guy his size. He tells us that he knows that his dad has been in many boxing matches where he was knocked down and got right back up. He says he’s trying to be like his dad, but he is feeling pretty defeated at this point. Hannah walks in and tells Azah that she thinks Tiffany didn’t want Kyland to win again and that’s why she didn’t drop. She also tells Azah that she is perfectly fine with the target shifting to Alyssa this week.

Azah, Xavier, and Derek are talking about their growing frustrations with Kyland and Tiffany for consistently putting their own self-interest before the Cookout. He is also upset because he was throwing competitions instead of winning them. He talks to Tiffany and she tells him that she doesn’t want to put him on the block, but she has to put him next to her so that if he wins the POV, he can use it on himself. He tells us that she has given him a reason to win it and use it on Alyssa and mess up her whole game.

Tiffany gets her HOH and Xavier, Derek, Azah, and Kyland all left right after seeing it instead of hanging around. Claire, Hannah, and Tiffany stayed upstairs and watched them all looking mad on the cameras.

Tiffany tells us that she is playing this game for her, no one else. She tells Claire that she wants them, Hannah, and Azah to stick together. She also tells us in the DR that she wants Claire to target the guys if she should win next week. She tells Claire that she thinks that Xavier is throwing comps (she knows he is). Claire says she has been thinking this for weeks.

We then get a look at Tiffany’s one-on-one with Alyssa and she tells her that she is weighing her options, but she is considering Alyssa and Xavier. Alyssa starts going through all the remaining HGs and all of Tiffany’s F2 matchups and where all the Jury votes would go in each of those pairings. Then she tells Tiffany is sitting next to Alyssa in F2, she would have way more votes from the Jurors and a better chance at winning this game.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony and Tiffany has nominated Alyssa and Xavier for eviction this week.

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