It is Double Eviction Night number one for Big Brother 23! First, we will watch as Claire or Xavier is evicted and then a whole week of Big Brother 2021 will play out and by the end of the show a second houseguest will be evicted. Keep refreshing this page frequently to get all the details on how this Double Eviction on Big Brother plays out!

Tonight’s Double Eviction recap is going to look a little different from my normal recap. I’ll only be highlighting tonight’s episode to make it easier for you to get all the information on how tonight’s first eviction, HOH, Power of Veto comp, Veto Ceremony, and then second eviction play out.

As we know, this week Tiffany won the HOH and went on to nominate Xavier and Alyssa for eviction. However, after Alyssa went on to win this week’s Tiny Veto comp, Tiffany was forced to nominate her best friend in the house and closest ally outside of the Cookout, Claire. The first eviction will send either Xavier or Claire to the Big Brother 23 Jury House to join Britini, Derek X, and Sarah Beth. If you have missed any of the other Big Brother spoilers throughout the week, make sure you get all caught up right here!

First Eviction Vote Results:

  • Alyssa – Claire
  • Hannah – Xavier
  • Derek – Claire
  • Azah – Claire
  • Kyland – Claire

With four votes, Claire will be the first HG evicted from the Big Brother house tonight!

Head of Household Competition Results:

Before this competition, the HGs are told that it is BB Comics week! This comp is called Crash, Boom, Pow! They will be asked a series of questions based on an image they see. The HG with the most points will win. Here is who got points each round:

  1. Everyone got a point except Derek.
  2. Everyone got a point except Azah
  3. Kyland, Xavier, Derek, and Hannah got points
  4. Derek and Hannah got a point (Hannah is in the lead)
  5. Azah and Kyland got a point (Kyland and Hannah are in the lead)
  6. Hannah and Alyssa got a point (Hannah is in the lead)
  7. Everyone except Xavier got a point.

Hannah has won HOH for the DE!


  • Xavier
  • Alyssa

Power of Veto Comp Results:

Everyone but Kyland was drawn to play in tonight’s Veto Competition. In this comp, the houseguests will have to complete a BB Comics Logo puzzle. The winner was:

  • Xavier

Veto Ceremony Results:

Xavier has decided to use the Veto on himself. Hannah names Kyland as her replacement nominee.

Second Eviction Vote Results:

  • Azah – Alyssa
  • Tiffany – Alyssa
  • Xavier – Kyland
  • Derek – Alyssa

With three votes to evict, Alyssa will be the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. The Cookout has officially made it to F6!

After tonight’s episode of Big Brother is over, make sure you look out for our Week 10 Head of Household spoilers coming up later!

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