It is time to watch as the Cookout competes in this season’s BB Comics Power of Veto Competition on Big Brother 23! Find out which member of the Cookout guarantees their spot in F5 and if the nominations for week 10 will change right here with my Big Brother 2021 live recap. If you don’t want to wait to find out, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get the details now.

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the fall out from the Nomination Ceremony this week. Kyland lets us know that Tiffany is his target this week and Tiffany knows that. Tiffany tells us that she knows if she doesn’t win this week’s Power of Veto competition, she is heading to the Jury. Derek and Xavier are both happy that Tiffany is on the block, but Hannah is not happy about Kyland turning his back on her and Tiffany.

Hannah goes upstairs to talk to Kyland and she tells him that she is assuming that Tiffany is the target this week based on his speech. Some of the things that Kyland says during this conversation leads Hannah to believe that Kyland is aligned closely with Xavier and that’s why he wasn’t Kyland’s target.

Derek tells Xavier that this is hitting him harder than he expected because he does feel bad for Hannah and Tiffany. He says that this isn’t going to be as easy of a week as he thought it would be. Xavier and Derek then talk about the importance of one of the guys winning this week’s Veto so they can keep the nominations the same.

Hannah goes to talk to Tiffany and she confirms to Tiffany that there is a good chance that the guys are working together. Hannah tells Tiffany if that’s the case, it’s super important for Azah to win this Veto and take either Tiffany or Hannah off the block so that two of the women can vote out whichever of the guys ends up on the block.

Hannah tells Azah that the women have to stick together. Hannah makes sure that Azah knows that she would love for a black woman to win this season, but Derek, Kyland, and Xavier don’t feel the same way. Hannah says that they are clearly working together. Azah tells us that Hannah is bringing up some amazing points and says that she has to win the Veto so she can make the decision of which side of the house she is going to stick by.

Tiffany cam talks to us a bit about how much winning Big Brother would change the lives of her and her son. She says that she would love to win this Veto so that she can stay in this house this week.

It is time for the Veto Competition! It is the BB Comics Competition and the HGs will have to zipline across and look in the window. They will then have to look at the comics and then pick the real one and put them in the correct order. The HG to do this the quickest will win the Power of Veto.

Derek concentrates on the order before figuring out the differences, Kyland uses the same strategy to get through this comp and Azah does the same, but has a hard time figuring out some of the differences. Xavier gets the order correct, but he is having a hard time with the differences in the comic covers. Tiffany goes into this competition knowing that she is the target this week and she is flying through the order and starts working on the differences. Hannah is the last HG to go and she admits that she isn’t as fast as some of the other HGs so she takes the zipline slow and tries to get as much information as she can each go around and gets hers right the first time around.

Here is how each HG did:

  • Derek – 14:05
  • Hannah – 14:06
  • Xavier – 20:56
  • Tiffany – 40:00
  • Azah – 20:22
  • Kyland – 11:44

That means that Kyland has won the Power of Veto!

Kyland tells Xavier that he is thinking about keeping nominations the same this week, but he also kind of wants to get in Hannah’s good graces by pulling her off the block. Kyland wonders who he would put up in her place? Xavier mentions Azah, but Kyland would like to use Derek. Xavier says that the thing that scares him is if Hannah and Azah vote Derek out, then the three women will work together to get Xavier and Kyland out next.

Tiffany talks to Kyland after the Veto and she tells him that she realized after her loss that her ego has been in the way. She apologizes to Kyland for allowing their relationship to get to this point. She also tells Kyland that her being in this house is still beneficial to his game and if she stays, he will always have her vote and he will always have her loyalty in the house. Kyland tells her that she believes her but then tells us that she has said this before but proved that she can’t be loyal when it matters the most.

Hannah gets a chance to talk to Kyland before the Veto Ceremony and she tells Kyland that if he uses the Veto on her, that would prove to her that he wants to work with her going forward. She also tells him that if she wins the Veto and he’s on the block, she will use the Veto on him. She also says that if she wins the F4 Veto she will take Kyland to F3 with her. Kyland likes the way this sounds but doesn’t know if he can trust that Hannah would vote Tiffany out.

It is time for the Veto Ceremony. Kyland decided not to use the Veto this week and kept the nominations the same.

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