Tonight on Big Brother 23 we will watch as the Final 4 on Big Brother battle it out for the Head of Household and a spot in Final 3. After the Head of Household competition, we will watch as the HOH nominates two of their fellow houseguests for eviction on Big Brother 2021. If you don’t want to wait and see what happens, you can get out my Big Brother spoilers for the details. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

We start tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with a look at what happened during the double eviction after Azah won the HOH. She tells Hannah that Xavier is her target but then tells us that she is lying. After Kyland wins the Veto, he tells Hannah that he plans to take Xavier off the block and Hannah asks him if he will vote for her to stay. He tells her that he has to talk to everyone else first but he’s on board with that. Hannah then asks Xavier if he will keep her or Derek and he tells Hannah that he will vote to keep her.

After the Veto Ceremony happens, Xavier and Kyland talk about who they want to vote for. One of them wants to vote to keep Hannah, but they both decide not to vote for her. Hannah tells Azah and Derek that Xavier and Kyland have a F2 and they are going to go to the end together. Hannah then goes to talk to Xavier and Kyland and begs them to keep her, but she is ultimately voted out by both of them.

Kyland and Xavier talk after the double eviction and Kyland tells us that he is most loyal to his F2 with Xavier, but Xavier is most loyal to his F2 with Derek. Azah is upset because she feels like Kyland and Xavier hijacked her HOH, but Derek tells her that it’s okay. Derek tells Xavier that he is really upset that he wasn’t filled in on this plan beforehand. Xavier tells us that he understands why Derek is upset.

Now it’s time for the HOH competition! They get to see a message from Mandeep Dhillon from the new CSI: Vegas show and they get to see a sneak peek of the new show. She tells the HGs that they will not only will the winner of tonight’s comp be the HOH, but they will also be able to see a sneak peek of the first episode of CSI: Vegas.

In the BB Crime Lab, the houseguests will compete one at a time and they will have to find clues to find out who stole the HOH room key. They will have to look for 5 pieces of evidence and then hit their button to find out if they have found their culprit. Derek, Xavier, and then Kyland go through the BB Museum and look for the clues and match them as quickly as they can.

Here are their times:

  • Derek – 15:44
  • Kyland – 14:52
  • Xavier – 10:18

That makes Xavier the winner of the F4 HOH on Big Brother 23! He gets really emotional in the Diary Room as he tells us that his winning this HOH puts him in a really good position. Kyland is not happy that he lost this HOH comp at all and is beating himself up while laying in the Have-Not room. Derek goes and checks on Kyland and Kyland tells him he is worried that if Azah wins Veto, she will take Derek and Xavier over him.

Kyland tells Xavier that he knows that the three of them are closer than he is with any of them. He says that he knows he is at the bottom of the four. Xavier tells us that every fear that Kyland is feeling right now is completely justified.

We get a look at Xavier making his rounds around the house talking to everyone. Derek and Xavier do talk about the possibility of taking Kyland out this week. Derek tells us that he isn’t sure how he feels about this idea and Xavier says they have to decide whether or not they are going to take a competitor or someone they can beat to F3.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony. Xavier has decided to nominate Azah and Kyland this week and he tells Azah that her not being nominated speaks volumes to her social game. He tells Kyland that his comp wins speak for themselves. He then tells them all that these nomination don’t mean anything because they all know that the power is in the Veto Comp this week.

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