Tonight on Big Brother 23, we will get a look at some of the talks that have taken place inside the house since the final Power of Veto took place. Xavier will decide if he will change his noms or keep them the same and we will find out if Xavier’s plan to get Kyland out of the Big Brother 2021 house will work out. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation below!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with a look at a conversation between Derek and Kyland where Derek is trying to explain to him how he is feeling about this vote. Kyland is getting a little annoyed with Derek being upset because he has to evict Azah. Kyland tells us that Derek struggling with this decision is annoying because everyone in the Cookout has had to make one of these tough decisions except for him.

Later, Derek, Azah, and Xavier all talk about how Derek is struggling with this decision. Xavier and Azah try to explain to Derek that getting rid of Kyland benefits Derek the most.

We get a look at a conversation between Derek and Azah where Derek says that he carried her to the end. She is getting defensive because she secured her spot in the F4 herself by winning the F5 HOH. After her argument with him, Derek then goes to vent to Kyland about this argument. Meanwhile, Xavier and Azah talk about the argument and he reassures her that she belongs there.

Derek then talks to Xavier about his argument with Azah and tells Xavier that if she wants to be a conniving person, so can he. After that conversation, Xavier goes up to the HOH and talks about how he doesn’t trust Derek to make this move and he is considering taking Azah off the block and letting her make the move.

We then get a jury segment and Tiffany entering the house. She shows them her DVD and then comes clean about the Cookout and their mission. Tiffany also comes clean about how she came up with the master plan of keeping their duos in the house until Jury. Tiffany then tells them all that it was a Double Eviction and someone else followed her out of the house.

We now get a look at Hannah arriving at the jury house. Sarah Beth says that she is completely unimpressed by Azah’s HOH and she totally fumbled the ball. Tiffany says that she is fully convinced that the guys are working together and she expects the next juror to be Azah. Tiffany mentions that Xavier has this game won and Derek X mentions that if it’s Xavier and Kyland in the F2, he isn’t definitely voting for Xavier. He mentions that Kyland has made some strategic moves too, but SB says that Xavier never made her feel overly manipulated or hurt her personally by unnecessarily lying to her. She says that Kyland had really bad Jury management.

It is time for the final Veto Meeting of the season! Xavier decided not to use the veto making Derek the sole vote this week. Azah and Kyland gave Derek their eviction speeches and then Derek made his decision. Derek decided to evict Kyland.

There was some tension between Xavier and Kyland as Kyland was leaving. Kyland was upset that he didn’t get a heads up before eviction and mentions that this isn’t a move that his nephew would respect. This understandably upsets Xavier and things get a little heated before Julie yells for Kyland to come out now.

Before the end of the show, Julie announces that America’s Favorite Houseguest will get $50,000, twice as much as years prior, and you can vote NOW! Simply text your favorite HGs name to 97979! Votes will be accepted until 9 AM PST on Finale day, 9/29!

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