It’s a special episode of Big Brother 23 tonight as the Final 3 houseguests get videos from home during the Memory Lane episode. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and find out what each family member has to say to the remaining Big Brother 2021 houseguests.

First I want to say, after this episode was taped last night, the first round of the final HOH took place. If you missed the results of last night’s competition, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details!

We started tonight’s episode off with a champagne toast between Xavier, Azah, and Derek celebrating making F3. They talk a bit about how Kyland left the house was disgusting and unacceptable.

They then get their F3 dinner and talk about how they have met a lot of people they have never would have met otherwise. They talk about Christian and his conversation about hybrid animals. Zonkey and liger and everyone telling him he was crazy because they didn’t exist.

We get a video montage of Britini and Frenchie where Britini is debating on whether or not Buffalo’s chicken wings are actually good or not. Claire and Derek X told her that they heard that they weren’t actually good. We then get a look at Frenchie and his paranoia the week that he was the target. We get a look at Frenchie calling Whitney out in front of people in the Yacht Room that wasn’t part of the Slaughterhouse alliance and her having to play stupid.

We get a clip of Derek telling Xavier and Azah that it’s their turn to do the dishes, but Xavier had done them that morning so Derek told Azah it was her turn. Kyland then tells Azah that she is fine because she cooks the most and Derek gets annoyed with Kyland. Derek tells him that he cooks just as much, but Kyland tells Derek that what Derek cooks are easy. He can’t recreate what Azah cooks.

We then get a montage of all the houseguests all season crying in the Diary Room. Derek claims that he has never cried in the DR before this clip, but there is a clip of him crying from last night.

We get a look at a conversation with Derek X and Claire about Claire’s coming-out story. She tells Derek that she came out to people at different times and explained that she has always struggled with her sexuality. She talks about how she wanted to be out before coming on the show though.

We then get a look at Christian and Alyssa’s showmance, but Alyssa tells him that she wants to wait until after the show. She says that it doesn’t make sense for them to make anything official if he is leaving and she is going to Jury.

We get a video montage of the pranks that have happened inside the house. DX scaring Tiffany, Xavier scaring Azah, Frenchie scaring DX, Xavier scaring Whitney, Britini scaring Azah, twice and Xavier scaring Britini.

The F3 talks about how they made history this season and then we get a montage of everyone in the Cookout giving us a little about themselves and how it was growing up in predominantly white neighborhoods and going to predominantly white schools. They talk about how they have been told that they are so smart or well-spoken for a black person and other examples of colorism and racism. Derek mentions that he feels that things have definitely been getting better for the people in their community over the years.

We end the episode off with the F3 getting an envelope and inside, it says that Big Brother wanted to give them some motivation going into the first round of the final HOH. Derek gets a message from his mom, Xavier gets one from his stepmom, dad, and little brother, and Azah gets a message from her mom and dad. They do another toast to one of them being crowned the winner of Big Brother 23!

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