Tonight on Big Brother 23, not only will we watch as Xavier, Azah, and Derek compete in Round 1 of the Final Head of Household competition, but the Jury Members will get something special too. If you don’t want to wait to find out who wins R1 of the Final HOH on Big Brother 2021, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details, otherwise, refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here!

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at Xavier talking about how he had to lie about his occupation and that he was a former college athlete. He also tells us about how he didn’t want any distractions, including showmances. We get a montage of him throwing competitions to keep the target off him and a look at him seeing the block four times and using the Veto on himself a few times to ensure that he wasn’t in any danger.

He highlights all the deals that he had within the Cookout and how he convinced Kyland to put Tiffany up and how they pulled off evicting Hannah right after. Xavier tells us that he went into this house to play for his late brother so that he can take care of his nephew as he promised.

We continue tonight’s episode with a look at Azah’s recap of her season. She talks about how joining the Cookout was really good for her game, because the majority of them were bigger targets than her so no one even looked her way. She managed to make it to F4 without being nominated. She also highlights how she had genuine relationships with everyone in the house and she always called out her fellow alliance members.

She talks about how when it was time for the Cookout to target each other, she wasn’t high on the list, but when she thought that she might be in trouble during the DE, she pulled off an HOH win to keep herself safe. She says that she played the most authentic, loyal, and honest game which got her in the F3.

Next up is Derek! He talks about how he relied on his social game and a video montage of him socializing with the rest of the HGs. He talks about how he relied on his charm and personality and he highlights his early final 2s with Frenchie, Xavier, and Kyland. He says that he didn’t need to win any comps because he was always close to the person in the HOH position each week. He talks about how his goal was for a person of color to win this season so that’s why he got the Cookout together.

We get a look at the Cookout making it to F6 again and how Derek evicted Kyland last week. He talks more about his perfect social game and talks about how he is fighting to win this game for his mom.

It is now time for R1 of the Final HOH! In this competition, the HGs are sitting on what’s supposed to be a boat and will have to hold on for dear life as they move, turn, and swing. The last HG holding on will win. The houseguests are being sprayed with water and have had inflatable sharks and fish thrown at them and after about 19 minutes, Derek is the first one to fall. Azah lasts 26 minutes before falling off her boat which makes Xavier the winner of R1 of the Final HOH and Azah and Derek will face off in R2! Derek isn’t upset that Xavier won because he is confident that he can beat Azah in R2.

We end the episode off with a look at Derek and Xavier celebrating Xavier’s win and then Azah telling Derek that she is really nervous about the second round of the final HOH.

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