It is time for the first live vote and eviction show for Big Brother 23! After a very long week, tonight we will watch as either Alyssa or Travis are evicted from the Big Brother house. After we say goodbye to the first evicted houseguest of the summer, we will say hello to the second Head of Household. Make sure you refresh this page often for all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021!

Tonight’s episode starts off with the reactions of the Veto Ceremony. Kyland is excited that he is off the block, but Alyssa is still worried that Travis might be able to pull off the votes. Some of the HGs reassure her that won’t happen this week.

We now get a look at how Frenchie’s Slaughterhouse Alliance came to be. The Slaughterhouse started off with Frenchie, Whitney, Kyland, Derek F, Xavier, Christian, Brent, and Alyssa. Xavier mentions that there is some tension between some of the members (Frenchie and Christian), but Frenchie has told us that the only purpose of this alliance is to keep himself safe.

He then goes out to the backyard and makes a girl’s alliance with Claire, Tiffany, Claire, Azah, and Hannah, but the girls all know that this is just a way for him to keep himself safe, no one else.

We get a look at Travis getting all dolled up with makeup and all wearing one of Whitney’s dresses to give Kyland a surprise birthday lap dance.

We then get a look at Travis talking to Frenchie and gives him some pretty great reasons for him to stay this week on Big Brother. While Frenchie agrees that these points are all true and he thinks that adding Travis to the Slaughterhouse would give them a loyalty boost, will this be enough to get Frenchie to sway the vote in his favor this week?

It is time for the first live vote and eviction! Here is how the votes landed:

  • Sarah Beth – Travis
  • Xavier – Travis
  • Whitney – Travis
  • Christian – Travis
  • Azah – Travis
  • Derek F – Alyssa
  • Kyland – Travis
  • Tiffany – Alyssa
  • Derek X – Travis
  • Claire – Travis
  • Hannah – Travis
  • Britini – Travis
  • Brent – Travis

There you have it, with a vote of 11-2, Travis has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. We are about to kick off the HOH competition for week 2 on Big Brother 23. To get all the details of this week’s HOH competition, check out my HOH spoilers right here!

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