Tonight on an all-new episode of Big Brother, we will watch as three houseguests compete in this week’s Wildcard Competition. Before the end of the show, we will also find out which houseguests Kyland has nominated for eviction in week 2 of Big Brother. If you don’t want to wait to find out the results of this week’s Wildcard Competition or who has been nominated, you can get all that information and more with our Big Brother spoilers. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother and join in the conversation in the comments below or on social media!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 off with the Kyland celebrating his HOH and Alyssa celebrating being in the house still. Alyssa is a little worried about who cast the two rogue votes. Tiffany and Derek F are both talking in the kitchen about the rogue votes and how ridiculous it is that everyone is worried about these votes. Frenchie talks to Brent and Whitney about the votes and mentions that he knows who cast the two votes, but he isn’t going to say who. Tiffany walks by and says “if you’re not going to say who, then why say anything at all?” Tiffany tells us that he better not say anything.

Tiffany goes to Kyland and tells him not to let the votes get to his head too much, but then tells Kyland to watch out for Frenchie. She tells us that she just doesn’t want Kyland’s HOH to turn into Frenchie’s HOH 2.0. Kyland tells us that right before the eviction, Travis pulled him aside to tell him to watch out for Frenchie too and told him that Frenchie has been going out of his way and lying about a lot of things.

We get a look at Kyland’s HOH room reveal and he reads his goes to read the letter to the HGs, but he can’t do it without crying. Tiffany offers to read it for him and he hands her the letter. The letter is from his mother who tells him how proud of him she is and how much she loves him. A little later, Tiffany gets emotional and is crying in Azah’s lap. Truth be told, she was putting on a show for some of the other HGs so that they would leave the room and she and Azah could talk alone.

It is time for the Wildcard Competition! Kyland tells the Queens they will not play and Christian and Hannah have already played so they won’t be playing either. Aces, Kings, and Jokers will have 15 minutes to decide who is playing from their team and if they can’t decide, a random draw will be done.

The Jokers choose Frenchie to play, the Kings choose Sarah Beth to play, and the Aces are leaving it up to random draw. Kyland pulls a chip and Brent is chosen to play for the Aces.

We then get a look at Frenchie and Kyland talking in the HOH room. He feels like something is off and leaves the HOH room after their talk. He goes down to the kitchen and tells Brent that he is out of the Slaughterhouse, walks into the back bedroom where Whitney is talking to a bunch of HGs and he looks at her and says “I’m out” to her and everyone was asking her what that was about. She shrugs it off and then goes to talk to him and he’s freaking out. He tells her that there are snakes in the grass and it’s time for a lawnmower.

Frenchie calls Brent over and tells him that he knows that he (F) is the target this week. Brent asks him why he’s so worried about it when he has the numbers? Frenchie tells him that he doesn’t and he’ll explain it later. Brent says he feels like Frenchie is trying to get him to throw the Wildcard Comp to him, but he isn’t going to do that.

It’s time for the Wildcard Competition! The HGs will have to answer questions about pictures they are looking at and whoever gets the answer right will be hit with paint while standing in front of a blank canvas. The first person to three points wins. Here is who scored in each round:

  1. Sarah Beth (she is in the lead)
  2. Brent (he and SB are tied)
  3. Frenchie (three-way tie)
  4. Sarah Beth (she is in the lead)
  5. Sarah Beth (she won)

Sarah Beth won and she is told that she can guarantee her safety by swapping with one player from Kyland’s team. However, if she swaps, the person she swaps with will not be safe from eviction any longer. Sarah Beth decides that she is not going to take the safety this week and stays with her team.

After the Wildcard Competition, Kyland holds his one on ones with the other HGs and Tiffany tells him that Frenchie, Brent, and Whitney are a three-headed monster in the Big Brother house. Tiffany tells us that she isn’t sure that Kyland is ready to make this kind of move though. Then every other HG inside the house, except Britini, has thrown Frenchie under the bus. Britini tells him that she has seen two predominant duos in the house, Christian & Alyssa and Brent & Whitney. Kyland tells us that Britini isn’t offering him any valuable information which makes it clear that Britini is only loyal to her team and their captain.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and he nominates Frenchie and Britini. He tells Frenchie that Frenchie nominated him in week one and said that he trusted Kyland, but it has been brought to his attention that the only people you can trust to have your back in this game are the four people you came into the game with. He tells Britini that she is on the block because she is his teammate and if she won POV, she would likely save her teammate.

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