Twelve weeks in the books and another season of Big Brother is coming to an end. Tonight we will watch as Xavier, Azah, or Derek are named the winner of Big Brother 23 and another houseguest will walk away with the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of the Big Brother 2021 season finale!

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We started tonight’s finale off with Round 2 of the final HOH competition. The HGs will be asked three questions and the answer will always be four houseguests. They will then have to then go up to the top of a giant slot machine and turn the faces on the slot machine to answer the question. Whoever finishes answering these questions the fastest will win R2.

Azah goes first, but she isn’t feeling very confident in her time because she spent too much time trying to line up the faces. Derek goes after and he has a hard time doing the comp, but he finishes it and he just hopes that his time is good enough to beat Azah. Here are the times:

  • Azah – 13:19
  • Derek – 20:22

That means that Azah will be competing in R3 of the Final HOH against Xavier.

After that, we get a look at some feuding between Azah and Derek. Derek has made it quite clear to Azah that he is the only reason she is there. He tells Azah that he is feeling how Azah felt last week, but Azah cuts him off and tells him that the one thing that she hasn’t done is give him any indication that she had changed her mind about taking him to F2.

After her argument with Derek, she tells Xavier that she is leaning towards bringing Xavier to F2 with her and not Derek. He thanks her for letting him know that. Azah then goes to Derek and tells him that if she wins R3 that she will likely bring Xavier also. Derek is clearly upset and tells Azah that he is going to regret bringing her to F3 and not Kyland. He tells her “you’re welcome” because he is the only reason she is there in the first place.

We get a look at Kyland joining the rest of the jurors at the roundtable and tells them all about what happened and how he ended up evicted. They then talk about each of the F3 and each of their strengths in the game.

It is time to crown the final HOH of Big Brother 23! In this competition, Azah and Xavier will have to answer questions about their former houseguests. They will watch videos and then be given three statements and they will have to chose which one is false. Here is who got points for each question.

  1. Xavier gets a point
  2. Both get a point
  3. Both get a point
  4. Both get a point
  5. Both get a point
  6. Both get a point
  7. Both get a point
  8. Both get a point

After eight rounds and a perfect score, Xavier has won the final Head of Household Competition and it’s up to him to decide who he will sit next to in F2!

It is time to find out who Xavier will be bringing to F2 with him. Azah and Derek give Xavier their final pleas and Xavier decides to evict Azah and take Derek to F2 with him as he promised. It is time for the jury to question the F2 on Big Brother 23 and then they will cast their votes. First, they will find out who their 9th juror is. The Jurors were not surprised to see Azah, but they were hoping it was Derek F.

During the questions, Xavier nailed all the answers and gave specific examples to back up his answers. Derek thought he nailed his answers, but you can tell by the looks on the juror’s faces that they weren’t buying what he was selling.

Now that the questions from the Jury are done, it’s almost time for the F2’s final speeches! Here is the order they voted in:

  1. Britini – Xavier
  2. Derek X – Xavier
  3. Sarah Beth – Xavier
  4. Claire – Xavier
  5. Alyssa – Xavier (that’s enough votes, Xavier has won Big Brother 23!)
  6. Tiffany – Xavier
  7. Hannah – Xavier
  8. Kyland – Xavier
  9. Azah – Xavier

Before revealing the vote (which I will put up above, the pre-jury evictees will join us via zoom for a chat! Before the votes were revealed, the HGs told everyone their secrets inside the house. Derek told everyone who his father is, Xavier told them his real occupation along with several other HGs. Britini also asked for some time to talk about her being autistic and how she didn’t tell anyone because she wanted everyone to see her for her and not her diagnosis.

After the unanimous vote for Xavier to win BB23, America’s Favorite Player was revealed.

The winner of America’s Favorite Player is:

  • Tiffany

Congratulations to Xavier and Tiffany!

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