This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for! The Big Brother 23 season premiere is here! Tonight on Big Brother we will watch as sixteen new houseguests move into the BB Beach Club. As soon as they move it, they will be in the running for the grand prize of a half-million dollars. Are you ready to find out what happens on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details and make sure you come throughout the season for all your Big Brother spoilers!

We start the episode off with Julie telling us that this year the HGs will be competing for the biggest prize money in Big Brother history, but says we will have to wait and find out how much.

She then jumps right in by introducing the HGs! We start off with Travis, Derek F ( who is Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s son), Frenchie, and Xavier. They are the first four HGs to make it into the house. Before they go in, Julie tells them that they will be forced to take extreme risks for big rewards. They are told to go right to the backyard to compete in their first competition!

When they make it out to the backyard, they are told that they have to rearrange their travel poster to match the one behind their stations. The winner will have a chance to change the course of the game and will be able to compete in the HOH competition tonight. Frenchie goes on to win this first competition!

After the commercial break, we get introduced to the first four women to enter the Big Brother 23 house. These first four women are Azah, Britini, Alyssa, and Whitney. They are told to head to the backyard for their first competition. Whitney goes on to win this puzzle competition.

We now move onto the last four men to enter the house! They are Christian, Brent, Derek X, and Kyland. They are told to head right out to the backyard for their first competition! The first one from this group to complete the puzzle is Christian!

Hannah, Tiffany, Claire, and Sarah are the final four HGs to enter the house and just like the previous groups, they are told to head straight to the backyard for their first competition. They get hung up looking around the kitchen for a bit, but then make it out to the backyard where the rest of the HGs are looking on from the balcony above. Claire goes on to win this competition.

That means that Frenchie, Whitney, Christian, and Claire will all compete in the first HOH comp of the season, but first, Julie fills them in on the first twist of the season! She tells them that they will all be competing in teams of four the first four weeks of the season and the winners of the kick-off comp will be team captains.

They will spin a wheel and two options will pop up and they will then get to see a quick clip of two of them. They will pick their team members based on that. Here are their fellow team members.

  • Frenchie (Team Jokers) – Azah, Britini, and Derek F
  • Whitney (Team Aces) – Brent, Derek X, and Hannah
  • Christian (Team King) – Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah
  • Claire (Team Queen) – Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis

After this commercial break, the HGs will go on to play in this week’s HOH competition! The teams are told that the captain will be building a house of cards while the team members balance the platform. If at any point their house of cards falls, they will start over. The first team will be safe and their captain will be HOH and the last place team to finish will become Have-Nots for the week. Frenchie finishes his house of cards first which means that he is HOH and Azah, Britini, and Derek F are safe this week!

Claire and Team Queen are second, and Whitney and Team Aces come in third. That means that Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah are HNs for the week. After the commercial, Julie fills the HGs in on this season’s grand prize is going to be $750,000 instead of the $500,000 it’s been for the last 21 years.

Julie also tells Frenchie that there is another huge reward that could be won tonight! She tells Frenchie that he has a chance to win safety for two weeks for him and his team. All he has to do is land two dice on a small table in front of him in 45 seconds. However, if he fails to land these dice on the table in front of him, he will no longer be HOH and he and his team will lose safety this week. In the event that he goes through with the chance and loses, Claire would become HOH because her team finished second.

After the commercial break, Frenchie is asked if he is going to take the double or nothing chance and Frenchie tells her that he is NOT taking that chance. Julie asks the HGs if they are curious as to how Frenchie would have done if he took the chance and lets him do it just for fun. He got the first one in 2.5 seconds but struggles with the second one for a little bit. He does end up getting the second dice on the table with just 1.5 seconds left on the clock.

Sunday we will find out who Frenchie nominates for eviction and then we will see the Wildcard Comp. This comp will give one HG an additional chance at a game-changing reward. Wednesday we will see the POV comp play out and Thursday we will see as one of this season’s HGs are evicted from the Big Brother house!

I will have all these spoilers for you before they air so make sure you come back here for all the details!

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