The Nomination Ceremony has taken place inside the Big Brother 23 house and we now know which two HGs are on the chopping block. Frenchie’s plan has changed a few times since the Big Brother live feeds kicked off Wednesday night, but now we have confirmation of which route he decided to go in. Keep reading out Big Brother spoilers to find out which HGs were nominated for week one of Big Brother 2021!

Frenchie told Britini on Thursday that his plan was to get Brent out of the house this week because he felt like nothing Brent has talked to him about was genuine. Well, Brent then said “hold my beer” and had a very genuine conversation with Frenchie right before the feeds went down for the Wildcard Competition Thursday afternoon.

By the end of this conversation, Frenchie told Brent that he was safe this week and asked that Brent extend him the same safety if Brent should win HOH next week. Brent told him that he felt that he and Frenchie were on the same wavelength when it came to this game and adds that he is very fond of Frenchie.

Before the end of this conversation, Frenchie and Brent had a conversation about Christian and how he sees Brent as a threat in the house. Mostly because Christian wants the attention of all the women and some of them are giving their attention to Brent. Brent tells Frenchie that if that’s what Christian wants, he can have it. Brent adds that he didn’t come here for the women, he came here for the $750,000 prize.

At the Wildcard Comp, Christian managed to win himself safety and then also had the opportunity to save one of his teammates and he chose Xavier. With Christian safe this week, Frenchie’s plan had to change for the third time.

There was some drama around Derek X, but Frenchie realized that Derek X made stupid game mistakes because he doesn’t really understand the game and gave Derek X a second chance and told him he would be safe this week.

Frenchie also had heard that one of his allies had formed an alliance with Christian and Derek X and overheard him throwing him under the bus Friday night. However, the real person that Frenchie wants to target is Christian and since he can’t target him, he wants to go after someone who is close to him!

So who did Frenchie end up nominating for week one of Big Brother 23?

Nominations for Week 1 of BB23 are:

  • Alyssa
  • Kyland

There you have it, ladies and gents. Frenchie decided to nominate Alyssa and Kyland for eviction with Alyssa being his target. Christian and Alyssa have been really close since day one and because they can’t evict Christian this week to stop the potential showmance or duo, Frenchie went after her. This is probably going to upset a lot of the women in the house since Frenchie made it very clear early on that he wasn’t going to target a woman in week one.

What do you think of this move? Do you think that Alyssa is a good target?

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