It is time to find out who the Head of Household for week 10 of Big Brother 23 nominated for eviction. As we know, the Cookout has made it to Final 6 and it’s time for them to start strategically taking each other out of the Big Brother 2021 game. Find out who was put on the block and who the target is this week right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

As we know, Kyland is the Head of Household for Week 10 of Big Brother 23 and this is probably a win that felt a little bittersweet because he will be responsible for taking out the first member of his alliance. He had a plan in place late last night and held his one-on-one with his fellow alliance members throughout the day today and has made a decision on who he was going to nominate. So let’s find out who’s on the block!

The Nominees for Week 10 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Tiffany
  • Hannah

Regardless of Tiffany and Hannah both thinking they had a Final 3 deal with Kyland, Kyland has decided that he is going to put both of them on the block. He did imply to Hannah during his one-on-one with her that there was a chance that she would be put up and even asked who she would be most comfortable on the block next to. Hannah did in fact tell Kyland that Tiffany would be the only one she felt comfortable next to because she felt that she would have the votes against her. However, she also mentioned that she would be worried about going to Jury if Tiffany goes on to win this week’s Power of Veto Competition.

Tiffany and Hannah attempted to steer Kyland’s sights towards Xavier, but clearly, Kyland feels his F2 deal with Xavier is more beneficial to his game.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out which of the remaining six houseguests will win the Power of Veto and if Tiffany or Hannah will have the opportunity to save themselves from eviction!

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