It is Week 4 of Big Brother 23 and after Christian’s Head of Household win on Thursday night, he and the rest of the Kings are safe from eviction. However, prior to their win, there was a lot of chatter in the house about how someone from the Kings had to go home this week on Big Brother. If one of them won, Christian and the rest of the Kings planned to target the people inside the house that were putting the idea out to the rest of the houseguests. Now that the Nomination Ceremony has happened, we have confirmation on who Christian decided to put on the block. Get all the details here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Christian knew that Whitney had been bringing up his name along with Alyssa’s and even talked about putting the two of them up if she won HOH this week. Other people were also going around telling people that Hannah planned to target the showmance as well. Sarah Beth’s name came up as a possible target as well and because of that Christian was pretty set on putting Whitney and Hannah on the block together.

After his one-on-one with Hannah this afternoon, Hannah made some pretty convincing arguments with him and Alyssa. She gave them reasons that proved going after them would do nothing for her game including how she had been giving them both advice on things to look for in the HGs. After these conversations, Alyssa felt really bad that they were even thinking about putting Hannah up and targeting her just earlier today.

Did Christian go through with nominating Hannah and Whitney? Let’s find out, shall we?

The Nominees for Week 4 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Whitney
  • Hannah

While he did go through with nominating Hannah and Whitney this week, he planned to make his speech seem like he didn’t have a specific target in mind. As of now, his main target in the house is Whitney and he has told a few people inside his Royal Flush alliance.

Tomorrow we will have POV spoilers throughout the day so be on the lookout for those to see if the noms will change or if they will stay the same for week 4 of Big Brother!

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