It is officially Week 6 of Big Brother 23 and the new HOH has picked their nominees for the week! After a long and grueling night of one-on-ones and trying to pick between two targets in the Big Brother 2021 house, the HOH has made his decision and turned the keys to lock it in. Keep reading to find out who was nominated right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

As we know from the Big Brother live feeds on Thursday night, Kyland has won this week’s Head of Household competition. He mentioned a few times that there was going to be an early Nomination Ceremony (10:30 AM BBT) so he held all his one-on-ones last night.

His original plan was to target Claire this week and put her on the block next to Tiffany, however, Xavier didn’t think that was a good idea because it would give the Cookout one less vote this week if Tiffany remained on the block. Xavier suggested that he nominate Claire and Britini instead and Ky agreed that he could do that.

However, early Friday morning, Ky talked to Derek F and they talked about putting Alyssa on the block next to a Joker as a pawn. DF actually suggested putting a Joker up as a pawn, but when Ky mentioned picking between Azah and Britini, DF made some good points. DF told Ky that if he put Britini up for the fourth time in six weeks, she is likely going to go rogue and they won’t be able to control her. DF said that he didn’t want to see Azah on the block, plus considering how mad she is at Ky already, it’s probably not a good idea anyway. That’s when DF offered to go up as a pawn in their place.

So what did Kyland do?

The Nominees for Week 6 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Claire
  • Derek F

Kyland chose to go with Claire and Derek F to start the week, but as Claire said, it’s a long week. I’m guessing we will find out more information on the High Roller’s Room twist at some point today too.

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