We have officially kicked off Week 7 of Big Brother 23 with Sarah Beth in the Head of Household, however, it doesn’t seem like she is the one calling all the shots. With the High Roller’s Room twist still in effect this week on Big Brother 2021, SB was pretty nervous about picking her nominations. Find out who SB put on the block at this week’s Nomination Ceremony right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

As I mentioned above, even though SB is in the HOH room this week, we have someone else calling all the shots. That someone else would be Kyland, I know surprise, surprise. As his duo partner, Kyland feels a great responsibility to make sure that she is making the best moves for the Cookout and not necessarily for her own game.

Prior to the feeds going down, SB did give her potential noms a heads up that they were both likely going to hit the block and made them both feel like the reason she picked them was that they both had people in their corner that would play the roulette and save them if they won. So who did SB put on the block at this week’s Nomination Ceremony?

The Nominees for Week 7 of Big Brother are:

  • Derek F
  • Claire

After talking with Kyland all night and Xavier this morning, SB decided that not putting Kyland up as a pawn was more beneficial to her and his game. She decided to go with Claire and DF because these were HGs that were already potentially upset with being on the block last week when Kyland was in power, so there wasn’t any extra blood on her hands.

She told Claire that Hannah and Alyssa both said they would play in this week’s Roulette twist and DX told Claire that he would also take her down if he won, implying that he would play. SB told SB that her hope for him was that Azah would play and they would both be safe this week and reassured him that neither of them were her targets.

Make sure you come back for any development on the twist this week that might come later and for Power of Veto events on Saturday!

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