It is time to find out which two houseguests Tiffany has decided to nominate for eviction for Week 8 of Big Brother 23! She has a plan in mind as to who she would like to see go this week on Big Brother 2021. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out who is on the block and who Tiffany’s target is for Week 8 right here!

This week on Big Brother 23, Tiffany won the HOH after one of her closest allies, Derek X, was evicted from the house. She has known for weeks who she would target if she won and is now in the position to make it happen. She is just hoping that if someone wins the Coin of Destiny later, they don’t change her nominees.

Tiffany talked to all the HGs last night and a couple of them again this morning and in her talks, she wanted to try and see where everyone’s head was at. Most of the HGs said that they would have put Kyland and Sarah Beth on the block this week if they won, obviously, Kyland and SB had different plans.

In her talks with SB, she attempted to take the target off of her and put it on Alyssa specifically but also threw Xavier’s name out there too. While Tiffany knows that Alyssa has to go in order to get the Cookout to F6, Alyssa isn’t actively coming after Claire and Tiffany. SB and Kyland are. Did SB’s chat with Tiffany convince her at all? It’s time to find out!

Nominations for Week 8 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Kyland
  • Sarah Beth
  • Xavier

Kyland and SB are on the block right now with Xavier who got the third nominee punishment from last week’s Power of Veto win. However, with the High Roller’s Room opening up a little later today, these noms have the potential to change if the Anonymous HOH wants to take out a bigger threat. With most of the house targeting Kyland and SB, the only way I see these noms changing is if Kyland or SB manages to get the Coin and call it correctly.

Be on the lookout for spoilers later for the High Roller’s Room comp and whether or not the noms change!

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