It is Monday which means it’s Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 23 house! With us being down to the Final 6 on Big Brother 2021, everyone was able to compete in the Power of Veto Competition this week. Keep reading to find out what happened at the Week 10 Veto Ceremony right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Kyland is the Head of Household for Week 10 of Big Brother 23 and with that came the responsibility to send the first member of the Cookout to the Jury house. Kyland nominated Hannah and Tiffany for eviction this week with Tiffany being his primary target, but Tiffany isn’t going to go down without a fight.

After Kyland won the Power of Veto competition, Tiffany started working overtime to put the target on someone else in the house. She tried to get him to target Xavier because no one is going to beat him in the end. She also tried to get Kyland to put Derek up in her place so that Kyland can go to the end with all the competitors like he wants to. Let’s find out if Tiffany’s begging and pleading made an impact on Kyland’s plan for this week!

The Veto Ceremony Results for Week 10 of Big Brother 23 are:

  • Kyland did NOT use the Veto
  • Tiffany and Hannah are Final Noms

Kyland likes Tiffany, but not enough to keep her in the house. He has talked to her a lot about how he is having some issues with mistrust and doubts in this game and he was referring to her specifically. Kyland also told Hannah last night that he didn’t see a scenario where he, Hannah, and Tiffany could work together moving forward.

Do you think that Kyland made the right choice for this week on Big Brother 23?

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