It is time to find out if Brent or Britini were taken off the block with the Power of Veto this week on Big Brother 23! Did Xavier have to name another Big Brother houseguest for nominations? Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers for all the details of what happened during the Veto Ceremony for Week 3!

This week we have Xavier in the Head of Household and his target this week of Big Brother is Brent. He went on to nominate Brent and Britini together but has convinced Brent that he is not the target this week and that Britini is. T

Xavier, Brent, and Britini were joined by Christian, Whitney, and Derek F in this week’s Power of Veto Competition. The only way for Brent to stay this week was if he won this week’s Power of Veto, however, Christian managed to pull out this comp win. Now it’s time to find out what Christian did with the Veto at this week’s Veto Ceremony!

The Veto Ceremony Results for Week 3 are:

  • Christian did NOT use the Veto
  • Final noms for Week 3 are Brent and Britini

Brent is the target this week and he’s starting to realize that. However, he thinks that he is safe because Alyssa has told him he has her vote, Christian’s vote and that Sarah Beth will vote with the two of them also. Brent also thinks that he has the votes from all of his teammates still, but we all know that they have turned against him this week and helped plot his demise.

Make sure you check back in tomorrow morning for my live feeds recap to find out what happened after the feeds came back up and the final noms were locked in!

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