It is Power of Veto Ceremony day for the Big Brother 23 houseguests and now that it has taken place we have confirmation on who the final nominees will be for Week 5! A lot happened inside the Big Brother 2021 house right before the POV Ceremony took place. Get all the details right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

After a talk with Hannah on Sunday inside the Big Brother house, DX felt it was necessary to do some damage control before the Veto Ceremony took place. The feeds went down when the HGs were called to the backyard to get ready for the Veto Ceremony. About 15 minutes later, the feeds came back up as DX pulled Alyssa aside to give her the heads up that he was planning to renom Christian after Britini used the Veto on herself.

Alyssa tried to convince DX that going against the Royal Flush was a bad game move, but he tried to explain to her that he has the opportunity to take the shot and he plans to. She tells DX that Sarah Beth won’t have the votes to stay this week if he puts Christian up against her, keep in mind, SB is standing there listening to her say this. Alyssa tells SB and DX that her best shot at staying this week is if he sticks to the plan of putting Derek F up on the block next to her. Little does she know, that was never the plan, just what DX wanted her to think.

Alyssa then goes and tells Christian that DX is thinking about putting him up. (Check out the tweet I’ve embedded below with a clip of it to see his reaction.)

After about an hour of conversation, the feeds went down again for the Veto Ceremony to take place. Here is what happened at the Veto Ceremony:

The Veto Ceremony Results for Week 5 are:

  • Britini used the Veto on herself
  • Derek X named Christian as his replacement nominee
  • Sarah Beth and Christian are the final noms

I’m sure the drama on the feeds isn’t over yet! Find a full recap of today’s events on the live feeds tomorrow morning! What do you think of DX putting Christian anyway? Let me know!

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