The Veto Ceremony has taken place inside the Big Brother 23 house and we now know who the final nominations for Week 7 are. Sarah Beth had a target in mind this week, but with this week’s power in play, she wasn’t sure how the week was going to play out. So, she put two pawns up and the twist played out on Big Brother 2021. If you missed out on any of the Big Brother spoilers throughout the week, make sure you get all caught up before you read on to find out what happened at the Week 7 Veto Ceremony!

As we know, Sarah Beth is the HOH this week and her original noms were Claire and Derek F. After the roulette power was won, Derek F was taken off the block and Xavier ended up on the block in his place.

For this week’s Power of Veto Competition, SB, Claire, and Xavier were joined by DF, Azah, and Alyssa. DX’s best shot at staying off the block this week was if Azah or DF won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it. After DF was nominated two weeks in a row and Britini was evicted last week, they don’t feel like they own SB or Kyland anything at this point. Unfortunately for DX though, Xavier went on to win the POV and the results of that were inevitable.

Results from the Week 7 Veto Ceremony are:

  • Xavier used the Veto on himself
  • Sarah Beth named Derek X as her renom
  • Derek X and Claire are final noms for Week 7

Unless something huge happens this week, Derek X will likely be evicted from the Big Brother 23 house and will join Britini as this season’s second jury member. SB did tell DX that she preferred that Claire stayed this week no matter who was put up next to her because she really wants to work on her relationship with her and Tiffany moving forward.

Be on the lookout for all my spoilers for the rest of the week as DX campaigns to try and stay inside the Big Brother 23 house with our daily Big Brother live feeds recaps!

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