It is time for the players to be chosen for the first Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 23! Frenchie is the HOH this week on Big Brother and his nominees have been named, now it’s time to find out the likelihood of one of them being taken off the block! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HGs will be joining in on the Power of Veto Competition set to happen later today.

With Frenchie in the HOH and Kyland and Alyssa on the block, they are all hoping that one of their allies wins the POV and takes them off the block. Frenchie has already realized that he based his nominations on false information that had been spread around the house, so he has already promised to use the POV on one of the noms if he should win it as well.

However, the new plan is to backdoor Derek X for starting all the false rumors and if he plays in the POV and wins, that could put a damper on the backup plan. If they can’t get David X on the block, what will happen then? First, let’s find out who is playing in this week’s Power of Veto Competition!

The POV Players for Week 1 are:

  • Frenchie (HOH)
  • Kyland & Alyssa (Noms)
  • Derek X, Travis, and Tiffany

Well with Derek X and Travis both playing, that could put a damper on Frenchie’s plan of targeting either of them. While Derek X is his main target at this point, Travis’s name has come up in conversations of a possible target. What do you think the best possible outcome is for this POV Comp?

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