It is Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 23 house! The new Head of Household picked their nominees on Friday and now they have picked Power of Veto Players for Week 5 of Big Brother 2021. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who was picked and what we could expect to happen going forward!

Derek X has chosen to nominate Britini and Sarah Beth this week with a plan to backdoor Christian. A few people know the plan, but know that they can’t tell anyone, or else, the Power of Veto might not get used on one of the nominees. Kyland and SB both know the plan to BD Christian and Kyland has sworn to use the POV on SB if he should be picked and wins. DX is also planning to use the POV if he wins it, but that will put a bigger target on his back so his hope is that someone else wins and uses it.

What is the likelihood that it will be used? Let’s find out who got picked before we get to unhatching that!

The POV Players for Week 5 are:

  • Derek X (HOH)
  • Britini and SB (Noms)
  • Alyssa, Claire & Kyland

Kyland winning would be the best-case scenario for DX’s game and Alyssa might use the POV to save SB if she believes that another Joker would be put up in her place. However, if Claire wins, she will likely keep the nominations the same because Tiffany thinks that it’s better to get SB out this week and they are working together.

Make sure you come back later today to find out who wins this week’s POV and what the rest of the week could look like!

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