It is Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother 23 house and with a power floating around, it’s going to be a pretty interesting day all around. We have very limited information on how this week’s twist will work, but we do know who is playing in the Week 6 Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 2021! Find out who is playing right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Based on the talks between the houseguests after the High Roller’s Room events took place, it looks like this week’s twist will be for the second veto! So how will this twist work? It sounds like the POV Comp is where the High Roller’s Room comp will actually take place. The HGs were given their BB Bucks and then they let the Diary Room know whether or not they wanted to participate in this week’s High Roller’s Room comp.

Any of the HGs who decided to take part in this week’s twist will have a chance to bet on who they think will win the POV Competition. If the person they choose wins, they will win a second Veto for themselves. We aren’t exactly sure what will happen if two HGs want to bet on the same Veto Player, but I’m sure we will find out all those details on Wednesday night’s episode. We also have no idea why this took over six hours so I feel like there might be more to it. We will find out for sure as the episode’s air.

In the meantime, I am sure about who was picked for this week’s Power of Veto comp. So let’s see who will be playing!

  • Kyland (HOH)
  • Derek F and Claire (Noms)
  • Alyssa, Azah, and Britini

Be on the lookout for more Big Brother spoilers coming up later after the POV Comp takes place. I am hoping to also have more information on who will win this week’s second Veto.

Who do you want to see win this week’s Vetos?

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