It is Saturday which means it’s Veto Day and the Big Brother 23 houseguests will be getting a visit from Zingbot this week. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers throughout Week 9, make sure you get all caught up. Otherwise, read on to find out which Big Brother 2021 houseguest will be competing in this week’s POV competition!

As we know, Tiffany went on to win this week’s Head of Household competition and then nominated Alyssa and Xavier for eviction. She wasn’t going to put up Claire which has some of the members of the Cookout pretty frustrated that Tiffany won the Head of Household, to begin with. Now we know which of the remaining HGs will be joining Tiffany, Alyssa, and Xavier in this week’s Zingbot POV!

The POV Players for Week 9 of Big Brother are:

  • Tiffany (HOH)
  • Alyssa and Xavier (noms)
  • Hannah, Azah, and Derek
  • Claire will Host

This leaves Kyland the only Big Brother 23 houseguest not picked to do anything during this week’s Power of Veto competition. The only way that Alyssa will come down is if she wins the Veto herself. No matter how many times Xavier says that he wants to pull Alyssa down if he wins, the chances of him going through with this empty threat of blowing up Tiffany’s game are slim to none.

Hannah told Alyssa that she would play for Alyssa, but never actually promised to use the Veto on her if she did win. Derek also told Alyssa that he would play hard for the Veto for her implying that he would. Who would you like to see win this week’s POV?

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