The final Power of Veto has taken place inside the Big Brother 23 house and we know who has won! Find out which Big Brother 2021 houseguest won the final Veto competition of the summer and will have all the power going into this week’s live eviction right here. Make sure you follow our Big Brother spoilers throughout the week to get all the details of what might happen.

Going into this week on Big Brother 23, Xavier won the HOH and mentioned to us that he was thinking about cutting Kyland going into F3. We weren’t really sure if Xavier was really considering this because he had a F2 deal with both Kyland and Derek and the three of them have been working together for a while.

Based on talks inside the house, Xavier was serious about cutting Kyland and bringing Azah to the F3 with him and Derek. All they had to do was not let Kyland win this week’s Veto competition and their plan could move forward. So, will Xavier be able to pull off his plan of cutting Kyland this week?

The Final Veto Winner for Big Brother 23 is:

  • Xavier

With Xavier securing the Veto win this week, he will likely keep his nominations the same and give Derek the sole vote this week. The plan is for Derek to then vote to eviction Kyland at Thursday night’s live Veto Meeting and Eviction.

I don’t expect Kyland to go down without a fight and he will likely try and convince Xavier to use the Veto on him, but the likelihood that Xavier will go back on his plan is pretty slim.

Make sure you come back throughout the week for all the details of Kyland’s pitch and find out what the plan is as the days go by and we get closer to the live eviction on Thursday night.

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