It is Power of Veto Day inside the Big Brother 23 house! So far we have seen Xavier win the Head of Household, the Wildcard Comp and Nominations took place on Friday, and now that POV has been played. Read on Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG won the Power of Veto for week 3!

Xavier is the HOH, Britini and Brent are on the block, and Whitney, Christian, and Derek F competed in this week’s POV alongside the HOH and noms. The feeds were down for about two and a half hours and when they came back up we saw the winner wearing the Veto medallion around their neck!

The POV Winner for Week 3 is:

  • Christian

The comp they played was BB Spins, the houseguests that competed were wearing tutus and talked about spinning and throwing things. I’m guessing it’s a play on Bowlerina, maybe.

Going into this comp, the biggest worry was Brent winning and taking himself off the block. While the backup plan was likely for Whitney to go up, Xavier is definitely relieved with these comp results. WIth Christian winning this week’s Power of Veto, the chances of the veto being used on either of the nominees are slim to none which means that Brent will likely end up going home on Thursday.

There is still potential for drama inside the house with Brent not really knowing for sure that he is the target, but he has a feeling that’s the case. If he catches wind of him being the real target and his teammates being behind his nomination, things could definitely get interesting. Make sure you come back each morning for my live feed recaps to get all the details of what happens in the house throughout the rest of the week.

What do you think about Christian winning this week’s POV Competition?

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