Tonight we watched as one Big Brother 23 houseguest walked away with a $750,000 grand prize and another houseguest was named America’s Favorite Player. If you missed tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2021, read on to get a quick recap of what took place and other Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother Season 23 finale including who won the season and who won AFP!

On Sunday we watched as Xavier won Round 1 of the final Head of Household of the season. Tonight, Azah and Derek went head to head in Round 2 of the finale HOH. In the second round, the HGs had to answer three questions. The answers to these questions were four Big Brother 23 houseguests. They then had to go to the top of a giant slot machine and turn the faces on the slot machine to answer the question.

All Azah and Derek had to do were answer the questions the quickest and they would go on to face Xavier in Round 3. Their times for the comp were as follows:

  • Azah – 13:19
  • Derek – 20:22

This made Azah the winner and she went on to face Xavier in R3 of the final HOH!

In Round 3 of the Final HOH, Azah and Xavier had to choose a false statement about their former houseguests after watching a series of short videos about them. After eight questions, Azah only got one wrong and that was enough for Xavier to claim the win because he got all eight questions correct.

After hearing Derek and Azah’s speeches, Xavier decides to stick to his F2 deal with Derek and ultimately evicts Azah. After the Jury asked their questions and the F2 gave their speeches, it was time for the jury to vote for who they felt deserved to win Big Brother 23. Here is how the votes landed:

  1. Britini – Xavier
  2. Derek X – Xavier
  3. Sarah Beth – Xavier
  4. Claire – Xavier
  5. Alyssa – Xavier (that’s enough votes, Xavier has won Big Brother 23!)
  6. Tiffany – Xavier
  7. Hannah – Xavier
  8. Kyland – Xavier
  9. Azah – Xavier

The winner of America’s Favorite Player is:

  • Tiffany

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